Lessons Have Been Learned

Lessons Have Been Learned

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Liner Notes: 

A co-write with a non-FiNier. He sent me these lyrics and I scratched my head over them for a week or so, which was just long enough to allow them to qualify as my first 50/90 song.


The baby Emma is dead
The doctors missed the broken arm
The social workers dismissed the bruising
Said she wouldn't come to harm
And now she's dead. She was only two
Who's to blame, is it me or you?

(politician's public voice)
'Our hearts go out to family
We apologise, we are truly sorry...
...and lessons have been learned
this meeting is now adjourned'

The tower was engulfed so quickly
they think over seventy are dead,
the firefighters equipment couldn't reach that far
they died - smoke inhalation they said
It seems like the cladding was aflame
but no-one seems to take the blame

(politician's public voice)
'Our hearts go out to families
We apologise, we are truly sorry...
...and lessons have been learned
this meeting is now adjourned'

Some people have lost their lives
Many have lost homes, just everything
In spite of improvement in flood defences
The river burst its banks again this spring
They said it wouldn't happen again
He said so in his election campaign

(politician's public voice)
'Our hearts go out to families
We apologise, we are truly sorry...
...and lessons have been learned
this meeting is now adjourned'

She lay on her bed for hours unattended
She was 88, frightened, confused, unfed
It's a lack of carers, it's difficult to recruit
Twelve hours before someone saw she was dead
How can someone be left in such pain
And yet it happens, somehow, again and again

(politician's public voice)
'I ask you not to be concerned
About the injured, dead and burned
Remember lessons have been learned...
...this meeting is now adjourned'

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It is an interesting approach or concept. After reading through it a couple of times, a non-literal approach (not a -- just do it), comes to mind in that for me orchestration, mix and layers, unconventional ala Pink Floydian-ish -- makes no sense to try to describe it, but what came to mind. I get the "message"; the challenge is musically communicating it. I love puzzlers like that. Sometimes, in the end you get a great delivery no one expected. Well, good luck with it, -- and I will enjoy seeing what you engage for it.

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the lyric is well done and pointed, the musica is sophisticated in the way that carly simons thats rhe way i always heard it shoud be was, the anger travels a course from suppression to outright revolt, very important themes explored here, from the situation to the cause, pointing a finger but asking the question of who to point the finger at, the song begins in the most profound sadness and ends with the refusal of those in charge to take responsibility,all very complex and difficut when there are so many factors at play that it is easy to say it wasnt my fault,,when really it was the failingof all .both the concerned and unconcerned

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Very moving lyric and performance, with your delicate guitar and voice balanced nicely against the sorrow (and in the 'chorus,' the political coldness) of the words. Almost unbearably sad to hear despite the aural beauty, which means mission accomplished indeed.

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Agreeing with @OdilonGreen: "unbearably sad" is perfect for this one.

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This is so poignantly done. Incredibly on point. Depressing as hell in its truth (more accurate to say the truth is depressing than the music, but it was very well conveyed).

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This is heartbreaking and so beautifully, tenderly done. Really excellent work engaging with those lyrics.

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I agree with the people saying “haunting”, “almost unbearably sad”, etc...

A very poignant and pointed lyric, matched up to a beautifully performed vocal melody, and absolutely gorgeous guitar.