sit at my table

sit at my table

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Liner Notes: 

I wasn't super inspired by my music track when it came time to put down vocals. I had a few ideas for lyrics... under the table, as in pay/work, being drunk under the table, and this one that I used about sharing a lunch table. blahber blahber skirmish.


I don't mind if you sit at my table
take a moment away from the crunch
we could be quiet or chat about the day
sit a while and eat your lunch

mumble mumble (don't sing with your mouth full)
won't you sit with me at my table?

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Not sure why this makes me think of the common teen refrain on American Bandstand "I like the beat and its easy to dance to". Maybe it's a hit in the making!

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Love your vocals on this and the sweet simple message and lyrical melody. Great hook!

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Pleasant melody and arrangement, and yeah, the lyrics need something but it's skirmish so that's usually the deal for all of us! Good work. Smile

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This is a very friendly song. I like the "don't sing with your mouthful" line. Good idea, it's hard on microphones. Wink

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I really like this! It has a welcoming, comfortable vibe and groove. Giving it a second listen now.
Really captures the good feeling of taking a break from the grind for something as simple, yet important to our sanity, as lunch.
Nice skirmishing!

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Fun song, with an appropriately inviting feel given the theme. Smile Very charming skirmish track, and I like the mumbles!

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This has a great vibe and solid gem of an idea. It would be worth polishing up.