At Our Table

At Our Table

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Liner Notes: 

I'll admit - I came up with this chord progression this morning. But the theme came to me as I sat with my wife and our daughter at dinner - we try to make that a special time each night.
And the "God's in his Heaven ..." line is a tribute to my grandmother, who passed away this morning at age 99. Her last name is Greybill, which would have rhymed, but not been as universal. Most of us have an "Aunt Mabel," even if that's not her name.


Sit right here, lay your burden down
break open this bottle, pass it all around
chickens in the coop, cows in the stable
watch the sunset, sit down at our table

Oh, sweet summer weather
in the shade, let's break bread together
God's in his Heaven with old Aunt Mabel
they smile upon us, right here at our table

Just one candle, I don't mind the dark
got heat lightning and firefly spark
No you, no me - it is all a label
we are one - right here at our table

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If you didn't already you had me with the Harmonica. Very poetic lyrics.

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the laid back, homey feel of the guitar and vocal fit the lyric perfectly. the harp was a dash of flavor. Nice work!

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This is a wonderfully inviting song - comforting and warm. The images bring me right to that table and the ambiance of the company and environment. Lovely melody.

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This is a great song, Chip. I really like this, and what a loving tribute.

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Brings me right into your family gathering. Very well said. Condolences re your Grandmother.

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Sorry for the family loss and kudos on a beautiful tribute. It took a skirmish six months later to spark a decent song in honor of my passed grandmother.

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Hi Chip, sorry to hear about your Grandmother. She made it a long way.

About this song: Great lyrics and very good rhymes. Excellent guitar vocals and harmonica. Excellent performance.

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This has a real comfortable way about it. Good one.

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That was warm and comfy like sitting around the table. Harmonica solo was icing on the cake.