Table Full Of Instruments

Table Full Of Instruments

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Liner Notes: 

Superskirmish prompt "Table". Instrumental (so far) trying to capture the feeling of the prompt. Mandolin tuned to open F#m. E harmonica.Acoustic bass.

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Peaceful and pretty meditative piece - like sitting at a comfortable table quietly after a really good meal with close friends where people savor the moment without having to talk as the apple pie cools on the counter.

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first chip, now you... i guess i need to break out the mouth harp.
interesting piece. seems like an instrumental rather than a vocals-pending. maybe vocalization without words... but it's fine the way it is. Nice work.

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It's very relaxed around your table. As if you've just finished a satisfying repast.

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nice sounds! kind of a wind-chime-y vibe, perhaps? I like it...

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Such a uniquely atmospheric use of harmonica; it kind of makes a soft cloud around the mandolin, which sounds like the inner workings of a clock, meting out time, while the harp drifts and relaxes. I liked this a lot.

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Yeah, this is cool! Definitely captures the vibe of a guy - like you - sitting in his studio/workshop/man space, picking up and playing whatever he darn well pleases. Lots of delightful sounds to wrap my mind and ears around.

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This has such a hypnotic, atmospheric, Beatley vibe. That is the perfect use for a table.