The Table

The Table

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Liner Notes: 

Yup. Quick 10 minute write-and-record while making dinner. That is seriously the timer on the oven sounding at the end of the recording.


There's a table
In this room
About 12 feet away from the brown couch
At this table
We eat food
And both my wife and I are no slouch
When it comes
To feeding
The footlings
Their dinner
And it's time
To abandon
This skirmish
Because it's time for dinner.

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Good use of being in the minute! Well quicky skirmished . love the oven clock

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Ah a slice of life around the dining room and could it possibly have been four chords?

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New TV show...reality skirmish. Big ratings for sure!

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Ha! Nice slice of reality. Felt like I was there in your living room!

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I dig that sort of dissonant chord and with the nonchalant vocal delivery and lofi recording, it's very evocative. Great lyrics!