Storms At Night

Storms At Night

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Liner Notes: 


host johnstaples
prompt Storms At Night

Whew how time flies. This style is very time consuming. Just got less than a minute of ideas. I think that's what it's going to be. The melody follows the prompt "Storms at night, real or metaphorical"
I did have a storm right at 4:00 to kick things off. All gone now.
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record



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That sounds like a storm coming in, all right. Nice work!

johnstaples's picture

This is really lovely and it does indeed sound like a storm coming! Great work on the skirmish JW!

alyxanderjames's picture

You definitely succeeded in capturing the feeling of a storm rolling in! Really nice work!

coolparadiso's picture

This has that ominous feel. You are getting the hang of this real quick - really cool mate!

musicsongwriter's picture

Very cool instrumental, paints a strong picture. Can work in a movie setting.

sunnymae's picture

Very cool! Perfectly ominous and foreboding. Great beats.

Chip Withrow's picture

Just as I got into it - and I was really into it - it ended. You could put this on a loop as is and I'd keep right on listening and getting pleasantly hypnotized, or you could layer all kinds of sounds into it. Keep up the electronica work - you're good at it!
And I can certainly follow the "words" of your melody line.

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As others have said before - you have done a great job of capturing the sound of a storm. That’s prosody right there. Good take on the stormy night skirmish!

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This has a feeling if foreboding, in a subtle way, and definitely builds into the calm before the storm !