The Ballad of Chester Duke

The Ballad of Chester Duke

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Liner Notes: 

First skirmish of 50/90. Thanks for the prompt, @johnstaples! How about a gay western song? I mean, why the heck not?

Apologies if this one is also quiet/has weird issues with levels - I'm recording these on my phone and still figuring out the ideal setup.


It was a dark and stormy night
In a dark and stormy town
When he walked in the bar
Everybody kept their head down

He was looking for a fight
With his face fixed in a scowl
Even strong men quailed
When Chester Duke was on the prowl

Hey, oh, it's rough out on the road
Hey, oh, a man can lose his soul

The bartender was shaking
As he poured another beer
The whole room held their breath
Wished they were anywhere but here

Duke's steely gaze took in the room
Ignored the prayers for grace
Until his cold eyes landed
On a single smiling face

Hey, oh, it's rough out on the road
Hey, oh, a man can lose his soul

The smiling man rose to his feet
And beckoned Duke come near
The other patrons scattered
To make sure his path was clear

And as he neared the table
Diverted from his sin
Duke laughed and kissed his lover
As he broke into a grin

Hey, oh, it's rough out on the road
Hey, oh, a man can lose his soul

Hey, oh, it's rough out on the road
Hey, oh, a man can lose his soul

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good to see you skirmishing. Like the guitar drive ad the changes. Very good and very complete song. nice stuff.

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Ooh love a good story song! Well formulated and thought out for an hour's skirmish. Good job!

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Wow, what a lovely "gay western song"!!! I like the classic ballad feel and the sound levels sound really good to me so you may have that phone set up just right! Really great vocals! I love the lyrics and the twist near the end! Nicely played on this skirmish!

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The minor chords give the sense of foreboding -- which then the final verse subverts in a very effective way. Nice skirmishing!

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I love the way you set this up. I can feel the tension in the air. The crowd parting in fear and silence, barely breathing. Then....the KISS!!!! Love it :0)
Great skirmish indeed!

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This is awesome. Excellent work, particularly for an hour.

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My favorite so far today. You really paint a picture to tell the story and musically it rocks. Great job.

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The sharp guitar has lots of drive and tension, making the joyful conclusion of the well-told story all the more satisfying. Terrific song, and especially terrific skirmish!

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Gotta love a story with a twist in the tale Smile Mr Dahl would be proud of you.
This is an amazing write for a 1 hour skirmish.