Stormy Night

Stormy Night

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Liner Notes: 

What a fitting prompt! As I got it, my old dog was sitting next to me, because she's afraid of storms like the one we were experiencing!
The last song I posted, a banjo instrumental, was also prompted by stormy weather.
I like the blues riffs I came up with, and I may turn them into banjo licks for another song.


I am an old hound
lots of gray in my brown
hear that thundering sound
stormy night coming down

Just an old hound named Fred
hide under the bed
instinctual (but I sang "institutional" by mistake) dread
stormy night up ahead

Stormy night coming down
and old Fred getting low to the ground

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well done - could easily have gone with the first and put words on ! Smile ive had the hiding dogs. Clever song!

metalfoot's picture

Bluesy, dude! Love it. Instinctual dread and institutional dread are not so far removed from each other, are they? LOL
Such a great feel to this track.

Jibbidy34's picture

A good ol' bluesy skirmish! Institutional dread works! Dogs do get humanised right? Biggrin

johnstaples's picture

This is mighty fine Chip! I love everything about it! Your vocals are always a treat and the basic guitar is just perfect for this! The story is awesome! I too have an old dog who hates storms and fireworks so we sit together on the couch when those occur! "lots of gray in my brown" is a brilliant way to describe an old dog and I actually like the phrase "institutional dread"! Nice work on the skirmish!

JWHanberry's picture

I like this clear, simple story. You paint the picture very well. Good skirmish.

OdilonGreen's picture

Such charming lyrics; the story is very vivid, even in just a few words, and your bluesy telling works nicely too. Sounds like you had fun, which means I had fun listening as well!

Amanda West's picture

Always love anything blues, and this is really cool. Love those bluesy phrases.