Stormy Nights

Stormy Nights

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Liner Notes: 

Wow, skirmishing is a trip and a rush! Just when you panic and think you can't do it something appears! And I am pretty happy with the basic song. So much fun being sad!


Stormy Nights

A child heads off to bed
no sugarplums dancing in her head
as she prepares to face the fright
of Stormy Nights

screaming from the front room
violence and fights
she lives her life in fear
of Stormy Nights

Stormy Nights
turn off the light
tell your innocence
put your face down on your pillow
so they won't hear you cry
Stormy Nights

he always comes home late
all she can do is wait
as she prepares to face the fight
on Stormy Nights

he screams about the children
'bout his job about his life
she lives her life in fear
of Stormy Nights

Stormy Nights
turn off the light
tell your innocence
put your face down on your pillow
so he won't hear you cry
Stormy Nights

she decides that she should leave him
take the children disappear
get on the road and drive away
go any place but here

Stormy Nights
turn off the light
tell your innocence
put your face down on your pillow
so the kids won't hear you cry
Stormy Nights

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coolparadiso's picture

i like the play on the prompt, very good lyrics. Your vocals and music beautiful balance the peace and the storm. Excellent skirmish

Klaus's picture

This is so very deliciously gloomy it gives me shivers. "Tell you innocence goodbye". Your voice and understated picking really let the song shine.

Jibbidy34's picture

Lovely guitar picking and the space for your vox always GETS me in the feels. 'face down in the pillow so the kids won't hear you cry' - ouch!! Yes melancholy is always a win to get the song cogs whirring! Thanks for the prompt - fun start to the weekend.

musicsongwriter's picture

Gorgeous song John, very beautiful, poignant and special. Amazing lyrics and delivery. Thank you for your brilliant song and brilliant prompt!

JWHanberry's picture

Scary stuff. I have a very close friend who grew up that way. It has colored her whole life. Very insightful tune. Well played and sung of course.

Thanks for the interesting prompt.

metalfoot's picture

OH the sadness!!!! Dude. My heart's totally broken now.

Powerful song and impeccably performed.

aesthetic72's picture

Beautifully done and very moving. You did all this in an hour and I just managed to find the right synth patch in that length of time lol.

Chip Withrow's picture

So good to hear you again. Powerful, personal, intimate song and performance. As always, I love your wise, been-there vocal. Crisp picking, too.
It can indeed be a powerful motivator to write a sad song when you're not feeling particularly down yourself.

mike skliar's picture

as others have said, very powerful, emotional, and direct- well done indeed. You really took the prompt and went down that dark-but-too-real place and came back with a winner. great work!

Kingwood Kowboy's picture

Storms come and go but some stay. Reality, not at its best. Good interpretation.

jcollins's picture

Wow, a real tear-jerker here. A super great effort on this both lyrically and the performance. Well done!

sunnymae's picture

John! This is brutal and beautifully penned. You are the consummate storyteller! Your vocal delivery paints the pain and hopelessness while your steady finger picking holds the canvas firmly. Well done my friend!

OdilonGreen's picture

I feel like I can only say "excellent, dramatic, touching song with outstanding playing and singing" so many times in response to your tracks, but... well, you know! Biggrin

wobbie wobbit's picture

i love the picking guitar. i like the time covered in story telling. sad and the plain stated vocal style brings out the song beatifully, top skirmishing indeed!

Amanda West's picture

As always I ADORE your voice. It is simply perfect for these words, the emotion and the style of arrangement.
Love it Smile

ujnhunter's picture

This was a great "first song" for me to have listened to for this 50/90 thing (Yes, I'm new here). I'll be trying my hand at recording one of the lyric only songs from the skirmish that this came from as one of my first submissions here. Thanks for the skirmish and thanks for making a great impression on my early 50/90 journey.

ductapeguy's picture

That packs quite a punch, John. The gentle sad vocals don't flinch from telling such an uncomfortable tale. That is an amazing, nuanced story from a skirmish.

Acousticmaddie's picture

Wow this really touched me. Its so emotional and so tenderly performed. I love this one. Its a real keeper.

darcistrutt's picture

Such a sad lyric topic, but gentle lovely guitar picking and vocal delivery. "Stormy" can mean multiple things.

Jerry Pettit's picture

Love your finger-picking patterns. I just bought a book called "Fingerpicking Pattern Encyclopedia". Starting to pay more attention... Particularly lovely vocal on this, John!

cts's picture

You definitely pulled the heart strings with this one, John. I'm a little torn now as to whether the song I wanted to work with you on is worthy. You really know how to make lyrics come alive, man.