Dark and Stormy

Dark and Stormy

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Liner Notes: 

Superskirmish + great prompt + partial capo + overload of songwriting in one day = this


It was a dark and stormy night
Began another hackneyed novel
And it was one I chose to write
From the shelter of my hovel

I guess you can say that though
I had dreams of being someone
By the time my brain had hit its low
I knew that day would not come

dark and stormy night
dark and stormy me
dark and stormy fright
dark and stormy is what I'll be

It was a dark and stormy day
Began another summery break
Though I thought I was okay
I was heading for a grave mistake

dark and stormy day
dark and stormy me
dark and stormy fray
dark and stormy is just old me

break it up
break it up
break up those clouds in my mind
break it up
break it up
break up and see what I'll find

It was a dark and stormy year
Began another therapy day
And it was becoming rather clear
There was a lot I needed to say

On that dark and stormy night
On that dark and stormy day
Of that dark and stormy year
Silver linings deep in the grey...

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I see you and I were both early posters to the skirmish! I like that range in your voice - the tone suits! I like the style of singing also, you should do more of that - and the chords are lovely and suspenseful! Good job. One of my favourite's of yours Biggrin

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I really enjoyed my listen to this one Alex! Such a delightful chord progression and I love the melody you sang over it! I agree with Georgie about your vocals; this is a nice spot for you! Great lyrics and I especially love, Love, LOVE this,

On that dark and stormy night
On that dark and stormy day
Of that dark and stormy year
Silver linings deep in the grey...

Really nice take on the skirmish!!

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I like the descending line in the verse chords. Good job morphing night into day into a year. Expanding the theme. It moves right along rhythmically. Should be fun to do live.

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that guitar (reminiscent of cornell...) works really well to support your vocal. Nice sounding work!

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Man I love the groove on this. Driven. Really moves. Awesome vocals!! Clever way you merged the literal and metaphoric-dark and stormy day
dark and stormy me. Leaving a sliver of hope in the last line. Great skirmish, great tune.

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Catchy and relatable.
I like the perspective you bring to this especially in the bridge. Music is perfect for the lyric!

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what a great vibe and what a fantastic opening verse! taking the cliche that is the title and doubling down and staring it in the face (or pick your metaphor, i guess!)
great job, i really like this!

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This is so great - I was hooked right away by that strummed groove. You nail your angst-y vocal, too.
Excellent lyrics - the first line reminded me of how Snoopy used to begin all of his novel attempts in the old Peanuts comics.

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I know you've heard me say it before, but I just love your versatility in style! You've definitely got the vibe of your song down smack! This is a groovy one!

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Totally agree with @johnstaples re this line "Silver linings deep in the grey", especially after the semi repetition of the previous lines and their build.
And I love you vocals in this. If you notice they improve a lot as the song progresses - I suspect you relaxed as you got into it. I'd love to do something in this vein with you maybe, pretty please ?
Amanda x

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Love the opening guitar riff. I like the almost static harmony of the verse and then the shift in the chorus.

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That partial capo thing gives this an awesome sound. The dissonance makes the guitar sound so much bigger. I can totally hear this as a big production with full band and horns and weird dissonant guitar solo. Love it