August in April

August in April

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Liner Notes: 

So I started this in April. But I couldn't get the lyrics sorted until yesterday. Which is July.


This is a song about a complicated uncomplicated relationship. It also seems to be a bit about climate change. Again. Because everything I write these days seems to have something to do with that. The fact we had August temperatures in April this year is what inspired the title.

Am F Dm - three chords and a heartbeat.


Boy I know you
So, so well
I know you won’t ask me
Just how I can tell
That you spent all last winter with her
But I don’t care I want my heaven on earth
So come on over sit in the shade
And you’ll see your bed is already made

It’s fine line
Between a lie and kindness

Oh boy it’s getting hot inside
Your thirst and your hunger
I'm barely alive
Hell got nothing on this afternoon
Season’s turning a bit too soon

Now put your cards on the table.
I gotta know if you’re able
Boy put your cards on the table
We are August in April

Boy, come on now
I’m not wrong
And I know you understand
Summer don’t last long
By Autumn I’ll be back with him
Raising heaven on earth it ain’t no sin
When the sun goes down so goes the shade
I like to keep my bed unmade

It’s a fine line
Between a lie and a kindness

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Wow Kelly, this is SO BEAUTIFUL! Your vocals are mesmerizing and seductive and strong! I am beyond impressed with your timing and how you sing "fine line" is so amazing! I love the lyrics and that there is both a relationship suggested as well as something so much bigger like climate change! This song is so good it should be on the radio (is that still a thing?) and everyone should hear it! Excellent write and outstanding performance my friend!

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A deep, involving groove, with deeply human, involving lyrics. And the delivery - so smooth, yet so filled with drama. Just a terrific listen!

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Lovely bluesy feel, simple and smooth and beautiful vocals as usual, nice work Kelly. Quality of all your recordings are amazing.

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Really great production on a really well-written song. Enjoyable listen!

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Beautiful tune, and a huge sound. For some reason I hear the line "fine line between lie and a kindness" as really central. Cool story, these people are interesting (while also kinda potentially boring...) But caught in a moment where they are doing what they're doing, and who cares what comes next...

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Glad you're here because There'll Be Roses was one of my two favorite songs of FAWM 2019! This is another winner. So much atmosphere and some great lyrics, too. ("I like to keep my bed unmade" is just one of them). Hope you keep them coming!

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Sublimely evocative lyrics, painting a picture with words and sounds. Exactly what a good song should be Smile

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WOW just WOW! This is everything a song should be. Perfect lyrics, amazing vocals, stunning melody. I am blown away. This is a hit for sure!

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All the others before me are right: this is a great song. Your presentation is just plain wonderful! "it's a fine line between a lie and kindness" - so good

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Beautiful! From the title to the production, this is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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I'm not sure what is going on, but I'm pretty sure that I commented on this a few days ago. Nonetheless, I shall reiterate how I totally dig the laidback, 90s aesthetic that this song evokes. You're also channeling a Lisa Shaw vibe (she's great - look her up when you get a chance). You've got a incredible sensibility to approaching music. Man, this is great!

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That's a killer title and the lyrics are well crafted and touching. I too like the "lie and kindness" lines. Soulful singing and still it's so precise in pitch and timing. The production is crystal clear and it invites several listens. Not only a very good first song but also just a great song anytime. Smile

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Amazing stuff! Super groovy, comforting and longing. Great subtle change mid way through the verses. Lovely to hear new music from ya. Happy 50/90 (I'm late to the game this year)!

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Yes, a very seductive vocal, love the idea for this and the hook, was totally worth the time it took to iron it out!! Love hearing you again!!

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Immediately added to watch list after hearing just the first few seconds.
The vibe that I was hoping for did indeed prove to be what you gave here. Smooth, smooth vocals with soul and feeling. Nice processing on them, too.
I read on your bio that you've been creating your own beats and doing more and more with the electronic stuff as you learn. First off kudos to that, got this down in my opinion! Truly digging the drum programming and the changes you give it in the different sections.
That's also a great sound choice for the chords - so simple and subtle but gives such atmosphere and just sounds good under your vocals.
LOVE the vamp...
Seriously can't wait to hear more from you. (esp seeing your influences)

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Hi, Very nice song. Creates such a moody atmosphere. Everything works well together. Love unique tunes.

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This is delicious. You've only posted one, but it's a superdeedooper one! I'm finding myself being hypnotized by your melody and your voice...