Rain Came Down

Rain Came Down

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I just love singing about rain! This one is sad!

Tech Tip: men's briefs make a decent pop filter. Now You Know!


Rain Came Down

sun gave up quickly
light faded fast
of rain
on the glass

so young and foolish
thought we'd outlast
of rain
in our past

and the rain
came down
what a terrible sound
broken hearts all around
as lovers all drowned
and the rain
came down

broken and weary
cold aftermath
of gold
turned to ash

and the rain
came down
what a terrible sound
broken hearts all around
as lovers all drowned
and the rain
came down

this old world
can bring you down
as you wear
a thorny crown
but hold your place
and stand your ground
when the rain
comes down

and the rain
came down
what a terrible sound
broken hearts all around
as lovers all drowned
and the rain
came down

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This is BEAUTIFUL!! I would put this in a coveted place on my cooking playlist. That little piano tinkling in the sidelines of the melody really bloody makes this, you've definitely achieved the rainy sound and ambience you were going for. So much rhythm in such a compact space. ♥

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I just took a half hour walk in the rain! Anyway, this is really good. Sounds great on my headphones. Lovely lyrics, so sad and romantically gloomy. "As lovers all drowned", great line. And there is nice power and emotion in the music as is in your voice. Good stuff!

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I knew that pantyhose could make a pop filter but I've never tried men's briefs. *stores info away for future reference*

That's a lovely tune John. Solid arrangement and production (as usual!). The rain works as a great metaphor for the washed out love.

aesthetic72's picture

That hook, John. The chorus is perfect. Then the bridge! Then the final chorus with the piano. And the rain came down... I'll be humming it most of the day, I'm sure. It's another song that stays with you. I hear a lot of Canadian influence in this believe it or not: Cowboy Junkies, Blue Rodeo, and a little Gordon Lightfoot.

tseaver's picture

Love the arrangement here -- the shifts in sound help push the song along wonderfully.

Kingwood Kowboy's picture

We just had a stormy rain with hail. "And the rain came down". Emotional.

sbs2018's picture

So cool! I picture a lone guy, beaten down, riding a horse out of town in a Western like “Maverick” and heading for the next town where he will meet someone that will change his life.

OdilonGreen's picture

Wonderful folk-rock, and when the chorus kicks in the release is incredible. The piano (?) that comes in half-way through adds just the right touch. And the harmonies in the chorus! Another terrific track!

crisp1's picture

Another really nice one, John. Such a great sound, a great mix of roots and your playing and singing as always are right on target.

wobbie wobbit's picture

another solid staples staple, i particularly like the rain-like piano in this one. nice one

Jerry Pettit's picture

Jeez, John--this is fantastic! I'm getting a late start myself and am just in the process of uploading my first one. I am VERY impressed with your mixing/mastering skills. Great song, but it SOUNDS technically super-great. So, so, impressed! You playing all the instruments?

phylo's picture

I'd buy the album this was on just for this song! Nice work. Great words, amazing production. Watchlisted!

musicsongwriter's picture

Beautiful song brilliantly sang, played, orchestrated and produced. The rain has connection with sadness to me too. Very poignant lyrics and musical delivery. Love it.

oneslowtyper's picture

First off, John, I highly doubt your tech tip will work. I've been wearing men's briefs most of my life and never heard a difference. Even when someone told me about panty hose, I tried wearing them and same thing, no difference! LOL
Now, on to your song. A beautiful and heartfelt way to begin another round of 50/90. Your vocals and guitar playing compliment each other so perfectly, and then you add in the piano, and it's so much more than any one person might expect for the rate at which you'll be knocking down songs!

Amanda West's picture

OMG @ men's briefs lol TMI !
I especially love these words... "as lovers all drowned, and the rain, came down". Wonderful imagery.

Chip Withrow's picture

Yesterday, I began thinking of writing a rain song. Mine would/will be happy, though!
Like so many of your wonderful songs, this one is just made for radio (or whatever passes for radio these days).
Incredible lyrics - very visual. I like the piano flourishes - I don't recall hearing much piano in your songs. And of course, as usual, your voice is full of hard-earned, soulful wisdom.

jcollins's picture

Reading the lyrics and love the morph with rain and broken hearts...very nice. I'm ready to listen to the audio now, grabbing my headset...hold. Nice guitar intro...picking sounds great. Vocals now...clear and good. A beat now...works well. Chorus now...and the rain came down...sounds great! Very nice chorus John. Piano in there...sounds cool. Love the electric guitar too. Wow, that chorus is really catchy. Pretty good advice in the verses. Very good mix. Change up now for the ending. Great job on this John! I like it a lot and think it is ready for the radio.

tcelliott's picture

Damn that guitar is gorgeous from the first note. and that chorus is great. This track builds nicely, sounds good and should be one of those songs you put out on an album for us all to download and enjoy.

Edit to add: It's a good sign when I'm still singing a song after it has ended. Whelp, I'm doing that with this one now. It's a good one.

DeannaSweidel's picture

John this is magnificent! I could hear it on the radio as is. I would play it on repeat. Just pure perfection

TomS's picture

Totally deserves a ton of airplay. Congratulations! Fabulous in every way.

splittybooms's picture

Great voice. Lots of emotion comes through your tone.
Polished music and arrangement.
Easy to hear why this is on radio.
Congrats, man.

Cicpisces's picture

Lovely sad song. Dramatic lyrics. Filled with passion. Sweet production. Good work.