For starters

For starters

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Liner Notes: 

Absolutely NOT a finished piece, just the beginnings of an idea that I wanted to capture before I forgot it. Been wanting to do something with slightly odd time signatures for a while, and this one came to me while on the commute on Friday night.

Basically just 11/8 and 7/8 split up as the A and B music.

I want to add some kind of melody and flesh out the harmonies.

Stems available here:
Feel free to do as you wish, but credit me with a collab so I can hear what you've done. Smile

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I hear arpeggios that echo Philip Glass in the world of Edgar Winters Frankensterin. Quite a winning combination, and seriously your piece doesnt sound like either of those guys, its just me hearing them in my minds ear while listening to you with the ears i am wearing now.

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Blimey mate, this is serious hairy dudes in platform heels music for 1970s university crowds.
The keyboards chase the bass like a shadow.
A concept album maybe, about the prawn cocktail! I like it.

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Interesting stuff, the odd-tempo bass and noises all combining into a dramatic swirl of proggy goodness. Quite cool!

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yeah something very nostaligic about the vibe of this. 70s definitely - a chase scene in a nightmarish bbc dark kids series perhaps, in black and white obvs

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Definite earworm breeding ground this !
It's addictive, and surprisingly catchy considering the out of kilter quirkiness of the piece.

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I absolutely love this! So happy you stretched out into new territory. Itching to add some keys to offered stem Paul!

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YES! That is proggy goodness.HOWE do you do it? What was the GENESIS of this piece? Love the doubled high synthy part with the bass. Was it produced in 2 parts or an effects chain on the bass?

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Nice instrumentaal play. It feels almost like a quiz and I am waiting for the answer. Great job

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Getting an ELP vibe from this one. Much, much too short. If you're developing ideas along these lines this summer, I want to hear them. ALL of them.

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Heck yes!!
As a devoted 70's prog fan, I'm liking this very much.
A remix, you say?

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I agree with Chris on the ELP vibe, specifically Keith’s writing in the band.

Much too short!

Great work mate Good