These Truths

These Truths

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Liner Notes: 

These Truths

As I've stated elsewhere, my experimental concept for this 50/90 is to use the prompt text as a musical rather than a lyrical suggestion. In honor of the 4th of July I based this one on "We hold these truths to be self evident". Sorry we can't do notation here but it's rhythm is in the bass line and elsewhere. Once that's established, it's just improvising. Chose what comes up and do what's next.

I consider all these pieces to be experimental, since electronic music is not my natural habitat but after decades of guitar, bass and drums I'm ready for some variety. They will also be shorter than most electronic pieces. I just don't have the patience to drag a groove out for ten minutes. Wink

I had hoped to have this done yesterday, on the 4th but there were mistakes and learnings and time ran out. No matter, it's true every day.

Guitars: Doug Brown Custom Telecaster thru '67 Fender Dual Showman
'94 Fender Mexi-Telecaster thru '78 Marshall Mk II

Thanks to GhostHack for the noise samples.


5090 2019

These Truths

We hold these truths to be self evident

Endowed by the Universe
We are all created equal
Consent of the governed
When it becomes necessary

©2019 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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Liked the groove to it and it's fun, sometimes, to leave our safe and customary songwriting spaces to see what else we can come up with!

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i like the idea of using the text as a suggested bass line that can then be freed from the text. this may well be the finest extrapolation of that classic line from the Books of Hypocrisy

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Wow that is different. Good though! Be interested to follow the path!

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Great feel to this - old school vibes!
From the fx you used on the vocals, to the bassline and also all the sounds used...I really get that old school electro feel and I dig it.
The guitar stands out as its not something I expected, but it sits in the groove (and the mix, which is quite nice as well) and just works.
Hope to catch more of your electronic journey, you're off to a great start imo

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The musicianship shines through even when the genre is not something you usually do. The song starts like some early rap records of the '80s, like Grand Master Flash's The Message, just a little bit. Good experimentation, it just works really well.

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Love me a good beat. I’m discovering that and Electronica probably is my natural self and learning all I can about it. Good job!

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Funky, thought-provoking, and really cool use of voices, effects, production, etc on top of the instruments to create a compelling whole. An absolutely riveting listen!