On The Forecourt Of The Discount Tyre King

On The Forecourt Of The Discount Tyre King

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Liner Notes: 

The title is a nod to the classic prog stuff.
I suppose I should insist this has six movements and give each one a pretensious name.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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It's def a dangerous kitchen out there. been waiting for the lyrics. 22nd century tom&jerry. had a blast. i think that at some point all prog riffs become classic. beware of the 17th harmonics.

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Psycho prog? This is interesting, taking your wild guitar approach and turning it into movements, which this certainly has. That...backwards?...guitar part a minute in was rad as hell and whatever the hell you do when you program the drums is always awesome, it's a workbench of insane slapping. The guitars where really awesome here and song overall is really neat. It has a tune, sort of, it's not just wild nonsense, you did something on here and it's cool.

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It's interesting stuff, -- don't know how to comment about it. I am a big fan of "breaking out of ones box" and pushing their limits. For me, I can hear this, parts of it "orchestrated" into a songtrack, in lue of/joined-with, well, other, percussion, and etc. For me a track should sound like a machine running, so to speak, -- to my ear, most of the great songs do if you know what I mean. The only example I can think of at the moment is the overdubs on allot of Pink Floyd music, pushed mid-way, back of the track, L/R - moving, front to back, -- and working with the Lyrical flow, as part of it, as another sound source.

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Guitar riffs very reminiscent of Beefheart! Love all the clanging and banging, which brought to mind 80s Tom Waits. I could listen to this all day! Sounds like demented robots hard at work on some evil project.

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Well this is my first comment of the summer.
I think you already know what I'm going to say, right?

Awesome awesome awesome.

This is the perfect noise to put in my ear holes.

Gosh that guitar work is like magic.
You are a guitar visionary.
So wonderful.
More weirdness, please.

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That's a diminished psycholydian scale, amirite? Flipping fantastic. Great guitar tone too, fits perfectly. Smile Curious what you used.

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Very fun burst of noise here. I wish I could actually play guitar. With all the pinball and pachinko rhythms and bells. Hilarious fun tune.

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wow, yeah, you got your inner captain beefheart meets zappa, tom waits and ornette coleman thing going there!
quite impressively weird!

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Intriguing, can't help but laughing so this must be my kind of music. 133-145 being my favorite part

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Defo think you have created a new genre, as @Kurtis Kanttila said, it's Psycho Prog Smile I also think it has a weird jazz vibe to it, so maybe psycho jazz prog ?
Seriously, I enjoyed listening to this, and I am not into experimental jazz or other music usually Smile So that's a big compliment Smile

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This is demented. Except it's so precise. And clearly it is structured somehow, I just don't know how. I'd name the same names everybody has and add Spike Jones. Everything comes from somewhere but this seems to be going somewhere too. Interesting and quite enjoyable. Nice King Crimson reference.

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this is the kind of track i loved airing when i was a college freeform radio dj. you could segue in or out of this from anywhere and to anywhere. if i had to lable it, id call it industrial prog.

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That title is not only great but also fits so well. Music reminds me of my first Krimson album "3 of a perfect pair", well done in your Style! Refreshing!

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Nice! I totally dig this far out madness!

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I quite enjoyed this virtuosic guitar madness. I don't know if I've ever heard anything quite like it. Made me laugh a few times as well.