The Fiddler

The Fiddler

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Liner Notes: 

This story has been kicking around in my head for a few years. Always meant to write it but couldn't quite. It's a combination of the passing of the mystical mantle type song I hear a lot and an actual story that I can't quite remember. It involved an old man playing a broken violin, and eventually leaving it to the narrator. I can't even remember if the story was truth or fiction and it's been bouncing around with other stuff so long I doubt I'll ever remember.

*****I didn't want to try to hash out a live violin solo. I'm not even sure if my bow is in playing condition right now. If anyone wants to add some violin to this, I'd be happy to exchange trumpet playing for it!


I think it was a gentle breeze called me to walk among the trees
And breath their sweet perfume
And as I rambled and I roamed, something whispered welcome home
I heard a sweet and haunting tune

I listened till I found its source. A strange old man in garments, course
He played upon a violin.
The violin had just one string, and still he played and made it sing
And all the forest sang with him

I returned day after day to listen to the old man play
The music made my heart rejoice
I brought him gifts of food and drink. A linen shirt, a pack of strings
And all the forest raised its voice

Until one cold October morn, the woods were silent and forlorn
The hills and trees they made no sound
The man was gone without a trace, the violin left in his place
I picked it up off of the ground

Day by day and year by year I learned the song I used to hear
The woods awoke and sang it too
Birds of the air, trees of the earth, the river in its fickle mirth
And now we sing the song to you

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Very nice! I like the mythic qualities of the story, how it is both precise and vast, and the intimate music and singing really sell core concept of "player of the song that brings life passing along his music." Lovely and sweeping, with the extended, soaring final minute of "la"s absolutely transporting!

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i like both the tradition form of the lyric and the unexpected harmonic choices in the third line of the verse

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Simply gorgeous - music, vocals, lyrics!

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marvelous medieval jostle. imagined the knights reading to fight and a nearby marketplace with a girl playing that song Lol

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I love the way you played around with and stretched the traditional form here. Such delicious instrumentations in the lalala sections, and some lovely storytelling.

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Wonderful story, set to a classic form. Love the interludes!

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Impressive story telling and performance. Great vocals. Made me drift to a mystical land of old while listening.

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Masterful, evocative storytelling with really interesting melodic and harmonic choices. "fickle mirth" is a great line.

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"And all the forest sang with him". This song is amazingly beautiful, so well written and soul inspiring. Excellent doesn't do it justice.

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This is a unique melody and an incredible story. I love this.

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Oh very folksy . Great and heartfelt performance. Love the use of double vox.