Grace in a Laundromat

Grace in a Laundromat

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Liner Notes: 

First lyric up for me. Please let me know if you'd like to set this to music. Thanks!--Doug


I found Grace in a laundromat
She mixed the colors with the whites
She kept her quarters in a Hello Kitty purse
And said she always did her washing late at night

I found Grace in a laundromat
She wore her San Francisco smile
I re-washed several loads so I wouldn’t have to leave
Because I couldn’t bear to walk that lonely mile

We’d lived together many years before near Union Square
I loved her but she couldn’t be convinced
She left a note that said, “Don’t try to fi-ind me”
I’D been looking for her ever since

I found Grace in a laundromat
She said she had a cat and dog
“Cuz hu-man beings never understand my ways”
She kissed my cheek and then she vanished in the fog

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What a great picture you have painted! I love it. Let me know if it gets music!

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That's a really great bit of storytelling for only a few short verses.

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It's so nice to see somebody using the AABA structure. It works well. Nice title and a good story. There are lots of memorable details, like San Francisco smile, and Hello Kitty purse, but I like the last A-section the best. Very good start!

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This is awesome, wonderful write and woven with magic, I might do a version of this, if you are interested, I know you must have a male version in mind.

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Cool lyrics. I got to meet Grace! So much said in a relatively short lyric.

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Nice storytelling! I look forward to hearing this.

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Oh, a sad one...I enjoyed all the details you provide. They really bring it alive so nicely!

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Such great storytelling and the picture you paint allows for us to envision it all.

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I really like this but the first two lines really sound like the start of an extended personification. I like the way you capture the feeling of loneliness through laundromats and late nights.

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Very rich scene you describe here

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the feeling and story behind this reminds me a bit of "Tangled Up in Blue". Lovely character study, I like all the details like the late night washing and the "San Francisco smile."