Its Only the Wind

Its Only the Wind

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Liner Notes: 

this one is for my friends and family in Southern California, as well as my friends and family here in the Circle of Fire


The road ahead was spinning
Like a man at the end of his rope
The concrete started spinning
Like a shattered gyroscope
Falling stars were burning
She looked up at me and grinned
Its only the wind, my darling
Its only the wind

We should get off this road, I told her
As she shifted to higher gear
A tree crashed across the wiindshield
She said there was nothing to fear
I looked into the sky and saw it
And wept as it made its way here
Its only the wnid, my darling
Its only the wind

And when the shaking settled
She pulld to the side of the road
She leaned over slowly and kissed me
With lips both haggard and cold
I felt a pain in my chest
something inside of me burst
Its only the wnd, my darling
The wind of a lost universe

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Timely of course. My niece and her hubby lived in California for a time so we heard about the quake from her friends soon after it happened. The melody had a sadness to it that became very fitting as the chorus altered in the end. Thanks for visiting my first song!

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Great depiction of an earthquake -- solid folk song too.

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California is having a rough time!, -- earth quakes, whole State on fire, mud slides, the *plague (o m g!), tax increases and with the established population "exodus" combined with a homeless outbreak, 24x7 street poop (human) washers while being a "sanctuary" to any and all (?) ... It's apocalyptic and for years now. It's authentically scary!
-- I hope as stated the "real" one (quake) is not coming, and this just a pre-emptive shake!

"Its only the wind, my darling
Its only the wind

We should get off this road, I told her
As she shifted to higher gear"


-- Great sound, feel and execution... I'd sing it! Good one!

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Really beautiful writing. Very memorable melody, I shall probably sing that chorus for a few days now. Very evocative, and great story telling, in that it creates a scene that's very vivid and real, I can almost see the characters. Lovely.

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That opening couplet is outstanding, and the song as a whole lives up to it with a powerful, metaphorical story about the gales of life buffeting us around. Your warm, folksy, tired vocals here and the spare guitar convey a terrific (and appropriate) feel of resignation and acceptance. Powerful stuff.

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Most dylanesque i have heard you. Very descriptive. Top class words which i read first. Really enjoyable.

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What a lovely hook! Very new American tradition sounding. A little Dylan, and a little older. I enjoyed it a lot!

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pretty and celtic as them wind songs go.

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The title suggests Dylan but after listening and reading it's surprisingly simple and straightforward story song, like a short story really. I like how the main hook gets different meanings in each verse. Good one.

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What a beautiful song that tells just enough of the story but still wearing a gentle cloak of mystery.

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What an image "

The road ahead was spinning
Like a man at the end of his rope " thats great poetry. I loved how you played this one.

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The "it's only wind" refrain that ends each verse is really great. "Lips both haggard and cold" a nice line! Agree with the short story comparison.

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I do like a nice bit of Californian Gothic. There's enough ambiguity in the lyrics for the listener to pick the level of darkness in their interpretation, but I'm going full-on bleak. I've seen way too many horror movies. Lovely rendition, too; that ending is spot-on.