Horror Stories

Horror Stories

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Liner Notes: 

I've been thinking off and on about doing a webcast that's similar to the Twilight Zone series. I've written a few episodes, but unfortunately I've not been able to get past the writing stage with them. One of the themes is why do bad things happen to good people? And while this song may sound serious; it's not. It's quite absurd. But the goal was to get it out and I did. And as busy as it may sound, it's not really all that busy either.

How I did it:
Recorded and mixed using Studio One Professional
Mastered with Izotope Ozone 8
Virtual Instruments: Rhodes, Six String Bass, Horn Section and Choir
Alesis MIDI controller
Drum Programming: sample library
Percussion Programming: sample library
Native American vocals: sample library
Man screaming and machine gun fx: sample library
Squire guitar (CLA guitar plug-ins from Waves audio)
Vocals: Me
MIC: Shure SM7B


Just when u think everything is cool
Somebody kills your momma with a garden tool
A phone call said your brother was dead from Mafia matters
And your girlfriend's head is on a silver platter
Your father used 2 be fat...now he's fatter
Yeah - your life stinks
U think it's unfair and somewhat gory
But that's just how it is in life's horror stories

Just think your best friend was gunned down by sadistic clowns
U're the only living witness walkin' 'round town
Be honest with me - what do u think they'll do?
They're gonna get u shot up...and your kindred 2
And if they miss they'll chase u through the city
Catch u in an alley and make your life real...yeah
Yeah, I know it's scary and somewhat gory
But that's just how it is in life's horror stories

They're coming
They're coming

U're dead

2019 The Jelly Factory

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Adnama17's picture

Sometimes, you just gotta get it out. I totally get it.
The fatter father and sadistic clown lines are my fave.
A little bit of everything, eerie, tribal, a horn section. I dig it.

tcelliott's picture

Dang! That yell at the end was awesome. Cool groove and I love your idea.

johnstaples's picture

Damn Craig, this is just Super Awesome! So full of funk...jam packed with weird goodness...filled to the brim with AmazeBalls! A truly awesome groove had me swaying and head wagging instantly! And that is one Damn Fine Hook! Horror Stories! Modern and downtown. Horror stories from the hood. I totally enjoyed this one and have listened twice with more listens planned as I share it with my wife! Thanks for something Really Good to finish my 4th with!

wobbie wobbit's picture

great sound - and such a smooth funky groove. gritty lyrics and just sounds and feels so cool.

billwhite51's picture

this reminded me of Princes sign of the times. really enjoyed the production and lyrical dynamite.

phylo's picture

Wow! Extraordinary production. This tune is just full of fun funky bits. What a great groove too. Amazing starter.

OdilonGreen's picture

The production, as always, is of course impeccable, but I'm especially impressed by the simultaneously dark and funky atmosphere dripping off this. The horror-film lyrics are great, but it's your dramatic, smooth delivery that completely sells it (with tremendously effective use of sampled vocals too, like that scream at the end!). You need to do more Halloween music, as you're so good at it! Smile (I can't help but think back to our zombie movie collab from a few years ago, which I still treasure!)

Matt Rivers's picture

Amazing work dude! I love the production and your vocals. I am just learning Studio One at the moment. I really like it.

musicsongwriter's picture

Very dark and funky song Craig. It's different to what I usually hear from you but whatever you do is always instantly likable.

splittybooms's picture

I'm a sucker for horns. Nice subtle horn lines here and there.
Love the rhodes! Great groove with that.
I can tell from the spoken bits in here that you'd do great with a podcast, got a great voice for it in my opinion; nice endeavor btw, cool idea.
I remember (I think lol) being delighted by Jelly funk last year, but like towards the end of 50/90.
Excited to hear more from you!

Aging Ophelia's picture

Excitement, adventure and really wild things-- this song cannot be contained.

thisisbeckyw's picture

"Dead from Mafia matters" is such a great phrase! Really enjoyed this one.

DeannaSweidel's picture

What a great song. Sometimes the best ones are the ones you just get out there. This for sure is one of those!

aesthetic72's picture

You’re an unending font of creativity. Everything you do is unique and twisty-turny. Great first song!

headfirstonly's picture

Any track is improved by the addition of killer clowns, but this grooves right from the start. That swirly Fender Rhodes is glorious.

My inner movie nerd is grinning from ear to ear. I would probably have used the Wilhelm Scream for the ending, but the fx you picked works fine Smile

Fuzzy's picture

Oh yes, this is so great.
Lovely in all ways; impeccable production, awesome smooth vox, hilarious lyrics delivered with a straight face.
Nice little instrumental break there at the end.
Wow, so good overall!!

MarkG's picture

So much fun to listen to. Great sounds and production. Lots of ways for a body to be horr-idified in this story.

benjo's picture

Hey yeah

I enjoyed this a lot
enjoyed reading your lyric before I listened
love the the, run hide short words gave it the edge
that squeel at the end fantastic

Michael Standing's picture

Great song i loved the silence at the end with the last breathe coz ya dead.

ausongs's picture

Instantly hooked from the first line. Very engaging lyrics. The vocal part at the very start was a little disconcerting, but it may just be its level in the mix.

Cicpisces's picture

Nice track. Enjoy songs with hard hitting stories. That tell a story like Waterfalls, TLC. This song has a good funky grove to it. Enjoyed it.

jcollins's picture

Looking at the lyrics...oh my god..lol. That's a pretty big twilight zone bomb in the first section...pretty nice but scary. The second section...again, quite stunning and another big twilight zone bomb...lol. The last section is fun They're coming, run, hide, escape, duck, they're coming, ur dead. I did not expect that even though I read the liner notes. I use to do a little amateur scriptwriting with Final Draft. That stuff is really fun but I never had really serious collaborator or have taken any classes...just a few tutorials. Ok, yes the lyrics are shocking and quite good. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Not sure...I hear bass keys...stabs...rain...vocals now...American Indian I think...drums now....vocals now... judgment day...can clearly understand the lyrics...sounds great...on the silver platter...I hear the pads in the back...driving guitar and bass...life's horror stories...horns now...sounds good...spoken word...find a place that's safe...your best friends gunned downed....be honest with me...what do you think they'll do....and if they miss...chase you through the city...I know it's kind of scary and somewhat gory...that's how it is...life's horror story...they're coming run, hide, duck, escape, they're coming...guitar now...scream...and out. Yes, pretty awesome cts, I think you did a fantastic creative job on this entire project. You have the horror story and great backing music and vocals. Well done.

sherrycanary's picture

Love all the horror stories put to that groove.
It's has a Pulp Fiction vibe.
Your songs are so mesmerizing and creative....just a "groovy" trip!