The Wishing Well

The Wishing Well

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Liner Notes: 

Song explores the balance between, hope, corruption and belief in a better way of living.


The Wishing Well

Her feet were golden, against the morning dew,
She turned her back on everything she knew
Her heart was never, up for sale.
So she cast her thoughts into that wishing well.

The feast was over and the candles out,
The evening sang into that soundless sound,
As he waits for the nightingale,
Still believing that wishing well.

The path was longer that it should be,
The window opens for all to see.
And time will whistle, as hearts do swell,
As they tip their lives into that wishing well.

The feast was over and the candles out,
The evening sang into that soundless sound,
And time did whistle, through those hearts that swell,
Still believing in that wishing well.

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coolparadiso's picture

I really like these lyrics. I loved the early piano and your really nice and gentle delivery. Very nice

kc5's picture

You've got your sound. So genuine! You've got some metaphorical touches, some great word pictures and well written lines in this song. I find this song appealing enough to add to my playlist. I just may do that!

DeannaSweidel's picture

I get a U2 vibe from this. Excellent lyric and melody. Very well done

aesthetic72's picture

Very, VERY nice, Greg! I love the instrumentation. Really like the chord progression, too. Excellent performance. The timbre of your voice makes this even more special. "And time did whistle through those hearts that swell, still believing in that wishing well." Now, that's a line!

coreystewart's picture

The simplicity of acoustic guitar and piano coupled with your voice is just beautiful. Love to see this live Smile

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Thanks Corey, Do you know any other Adelaide people in this crazy comp? Cheers Greg

alyxanderjames's picture

Lots of great lines here, and the arrangement is so soothing! Really well done!

ustaknow's picture

You have an interesting and distinctive style. I'll have to listen to more when I am able.

splittybooms's picture

I'm loving the texture of your voice; sounds excellent against the strumming.
Meaningful writing with depth and beauty to it.
Sway-worthy melody.
Quite a nice track!