Electric Highways

Electric Highways

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Liner Notes: 

First song this year is a statement piece. Thinking about social media dysfunction combined with personal aches.


On electric highways
I can watch the sun go down
With all the news in my face
No one ever makes a sound

Tell me to listen to, who's world view?
A chamber of echoes in my room, oh well

Somebody stop me now
I've been racing' around this town with aches and quarters
Huggin' those familiar borders

I've been having too much fun now
So much that I forgot to keep a good list
Guess i've been a little bit selfish

Those magnetic bandits
Cleaning up their colors on a Sunday
What do they really say anyway?
Seems like they're living in a stone age

I locked myself up today
Oh well, oh well
I know its only been 8 days
Am I wasting my life away?

Friendlies, randomly, say la vie, we believe
Suddenly, all I need, is to breathe, honestly

I'll try to be a little less selfish
I've been having too much fun
Huggin' those familiar borders

Music by Peter Arvidson ©2019
Bass performance and song art by Sara Janda

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billwhite51's picture

i love this throwback to the glory days of indie pop. you have nailed it in every department. i couldnt resist your anti social media tag.

coolparadiso's picture

A chamber of echoes. Oooo. Very indie and very nice. Off n running

Klaus's picture

I like the production and the thought-out arrangement and you have a good and distinctive voice. Lyrics are critical but not aggressive. That and plenty of melodies makes this really appealing. Very good first song.

AndyGetch's picture

Ooooh love me some political power pop! The layers awash in multi-levels. Super song one!

Kurtis Kanttila's picture


This track is awesome every line is perfectly melodic, the song flows so well and sounds like motion, it works very well with the lyrics and overall it's just an awesome song. Great guitars on it also, great start! Hope to hear more good tunes from ya!

ustaknow's picture

Well done. Big sound. Effective relevance in lyrics for the listener to produce their own mind pictures, - not wedged in or die trying too Smile always a more effective lyric method. Again, well done.

wobbie wobbit's picture

sounds soooo the real deal. can imagine this playing loads on the radio, love the feel the sound the lyrics and the delivery and production. top work. especially love the oh well bits

OdilonGreen's picture

Nice alt-power-punk-pop, lots of melody and energy and just pulls me back to the 90s in the best way, both musically and thematically / lyrically (and vocally too!). And terrific production as well! Terrific, and an outstanding start to your 50/90!

tcelliott's picture

Man, this is awesome. From the indie pop melody to the awesome guitars and the lyric that doesn't fit into the typical pattern of "heard it before." Damn fine start.

sbs2018's picture

Love it - love the rock vibe! Inspiring. Funny, I got up early this morning and wrote lyrics for a “highway” song. Gotta do the music next.

ductapeguy's picture

The celebratory anthemic pop-rock music contrasts jarringly with the lonely cry for help of the lyrics-- in all the right ways. Well done.

cola's picture

This is awesome! Love these lyrics, and the bridge sounds especially powerful. Excellent work, keep it up!

Acousticmaddie's picture

This is really great, well produced and very well thought trough. Love the intensuity in the end. I can really feel you .