No Humanity

No Humanity

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Liner Notes: 

I wanted to write about this, but nothing has come at all since I found out that my oldest brother (who thinks there should never be an abortion for any reason) thinks it is okay to shoot and kill the women and children that are trying to seek asylum here. I have disagreed with him over many things, but I am at a standstill with this. Does he value life, or doesn't he? I guess just the unborn. It both saddens me and angers me. This brother recently had a heart attack and I couldn't help but wonder if all his hate for immigrants was part of the cause.


No Humanity
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Eleven years older
So we were never real close
But I looked up to you like little sisters do

Age doesn't bring wisdom
Not for some I guess
All the seasons didn't bring reason to you

I want to scream at your soul
You've lost all your humanity!
I can't make myself understand
This unacceptable insanity

I wrestle in my head every day
All I can do right now is turn away

I watched over time
You getting deeper
But the hollow and shallow things you do!

The hate you display
Is disturbing
You've no heart, that was such a part of you

Repeat chorus

You've turned away family and friends
When will this insanity end?

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Well written and concise. I'm seeing similar things from many of my friends in the USA, as if there were a 2nd civil war going on.

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tough, but sadly too prevalent subject these days- and I don't understand the hate and fear any more then you do, but i guess for the folks who have been bathed in a steady stream of fox news fear-mongering, some proportion of them will embrace the extremes of that.
meanwhile, very good lyric, and keep writing!

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Very strong lyrics. Sad to know they are connected with real life and someone close to you or who could have been if he had humanity.

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It's som horrible to watch somebody turn that way. You captured it really well