July 4 at The Homestead

July 4 at The Homestead

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Liner Notes: 

I didn't mean to write this song. It happened while I was walking. It was easy to write because I've been thinking it so much. It was pretty hard to get through singing. I don't speak Spanish even a little so I apologize if my grammar or my pronunciation were off.


I hear the rumble by the river
Bright bursts of blue and gold and green
But I don't turn to see the river
There are no fireworks for me

The lights fade like a broken promise
The rumbles muffled by her cries
And if you listen you can hear her
A child as her spirit dies

Duermete mi niña
Duermete mi amor
Although she is not there to hold you
Your mother loves you ever more

So welcome to the land of plenty
From sea to sea and back again
And as we gather by the river
There are no fireworks for them

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Quite moving, and hard to listen to, not because the demo is flawed, but because of the stark reality depicted. The delicate guitar and ethereal flute drive home the haunting nature of what's at stake.

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I loved the doubled vocal in places. It's beautiful just like the melody.

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woody guthrie would have liked this one. i like the way you slip the down by the river line in, as the song we shall gather at the rver was a staple in the old john ford western movies. the flute at the end is a nice touch. it has an andean sound, down here in peru, we celebrate teachers day today.

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Very pretty start. Love the simple picking. Love the flute. very nice.

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excellent subject and very effectively done- love that winding melody with the harmony, and you're voicing something that's on alot of people's minds (including mine)- (very glad to see someone writing about this stuff, too!)
great work! and the flute is perfect...

performance suggestion, if I may? sing this one quieter, would be even more effective, i think..

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Beautiful simplicity makes this very evocative, with a very powerful message. Lovely.

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Very Guthrie/Seeger - heavy with morality and sadness. Bloody love it.

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So simplistic yet powerful. Loved the flute instrumental.

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I was determined not to cry. I'm still crying. Perfect song. Thank you.

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saw your post about this song and went and listened again (my initial comment is above)
Even better on second listening- beautiful, sad, and very needed these days Smile