snuggle is real

snuggle is real

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(c) 07.04.2019 time and ink and josh nunnelley

verse 1

in the vestibule for the hundredth time
meditation: old struggles yield new strength
we spilled our guts, our coffee, our crimes
the guy beside me began to speak--

"i was really wanting to get high
i almost got in on the deal
when i heard, 'i know a guy'... (%)
the struggle is real."

verse 2

all arms crossed with a sideways glance
i eyed the bobbleheads up and down
i'd listened to their mindless chants
it was my time now to play the clown--
"know i'm speakin' to a room of shrugs
and i'm not sure just how i feel
when they say, 'hugs not drugs'... (%)
the sNuggle is real."


the snuggle is real
y'all all know the deal
in a roomful of thugs
it's "hugs not drugs"--
the snuggle is real.

verse 3

the way he cleared his throat when he spoke
informed me i's about to be taken to town
he went on about how love's not a joke
as i listened i stared at the ground--
"you see it printed on coffee mugs
to me, it's not just some spiel
when I say, 'hugs not drugs'... (%)
the snuggle IS real."


-------------------> SOLO


i saw it when i believed it
repeated the lie into real
altered the way i perceived it
the snuggle is real.



the snuggle is real.

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The title is terrific, which first drew me in. And happily, the lyrics are terrific too! They tell a great (and meaningful!) story, succinctly but with enough detail to give a great sense of place and feel. Very nice!

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Yup great title and some stinging words. Great lyrical juggling!

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This flows so conversationally, and the little details draw the characters beautifully. Some great lines, "room of shrugs", "we spilled our guts, our coffee, our crimes".