How NOT to defuse a bomb!

How NOT to defuse a bomb!

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Liner Notes: 

These lyrics are for the Critical Decision challenge. I envision this with a metronomic click track and electronic music, which is not my forte. I am up for collaboration if my lyrics speak to you. I am also willing to collaborate on a tune, or do the vocals...let me know.

While the lyrics depict physical bombs, I am also thinking in metaphors like that heated argument that you really should never have entered with your racist brother-in-law. How do you defuse that situation while also trying to prevent casualties?


Wires crossed. Crowd thick.
Try not to panic.
Crowd loud. Can’t think.
Try not to shrink.

And the bomb ticks down. Uh-oh.
Eighteen minutes to go
The clock seems so slow....
How can I be a hero?

Do I call? Is this real?
I’m frozen. I only feel.
If I flee, how far?
Will I die? Will we scar?

And the bomb ticks down so slow.
Ten whole minutes to go
The crowd doesn’t yet know.
Made my call for help, uh-oh.

What do you do
When the fate of five hundred
Weighs down your tightened tongue?
What do you do
When thoughts of the children
Fumble your frigid fingers?
Where do you go
When your feeble attempts
To defuse, to refuse giving up
Seem to speed up the clock?

Three minutes to go....
Feet frozen.
Two minutes to go.
One minute to go.......

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But how does the story end?!?!?!

*bites fingernails nervously*

Good storytelling with these lyrics!

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Excellent story, very apt concept could also be metaphorical. Gives it wide appeal- nice one

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Cool. Can really feel the urgency in the rhythm of the lyrics. Nicely done

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The staccato feel of the lyrics does a great job conveying the tension of the story. And I like how the ending is open and unresolved (just like life! Biggrin ).

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Short sharp sentences really amp up the suspense on this one. Surely it has to end with an explosion!

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You wound up the tension almost to the snapping point, then ...

I don't think I ever thought of ending a song with a cliffhanger.

Well done.

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love the rhythm and tension in this.. and the Uh Ohs, can easily shift between literal and metaphorical meanings. neat write.