Sit Down

Sit Down

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pull up a chair and have a seat
take the weight off your feet
you been rushing around
run into the ground
you need to sit down and relax

can i get you a drink?
a-chink chink tinkle clink clink
you need to unwind
calm your mind
so plant your behind and kick back

mellow out and chill
just for 5 minutes sit still
if you want to you can have a little doze
just let your sleepy eyes close
let em close

you been on the go all the while
with your busy busy busy lifestyle
so for goodness sake
just take a break
and if you can't stay awake that's fine

take it easy and have a rest
take a breather from running round stressed
let yourself go
yeah go with the flow
and just take it slow and recline

mellow out and chill
just for 5 minutes sit still
if you want to you can have a little doze
just let your sleepy eyes close
let em close

you can nod off and have a snooze
take 40 winks if you choose
a little nap would be sublime
or just give yourself a bit of time

take a well-deserved trip to lazytown
do yourself a favour and please just sit down

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Jibbidy34's picture

Biggrin to 'plant your behind'. I need this song in my life!! ...To give me permission to 'just sit down' and take it easy. Love it. Nice to hear your voice and wordsmithery again!

billwhite51's picture

so nice to find a song from you to cheee me up in the morning. you are my Louise Wener

3tdoan's picture

I needed this Biggrin Naps are life. Can I say, "a-chink chink tinkle clink clink" just makes me happy.

Kristi's picture

There's some really fun lines in this: a-chink chink tinkle clink clink, your busy busy busy lifestyle.....etc....and I like how it builds to the chorus....great message!

Roddy's picture

Super sweet and compassionate. There are so many great lines and images here - I like 'take a trip to lazy town' in particular. Everything blends so well, the guitar, vocal and lyrics. Great start!

OdilonGreen's picture

A tremendously kick-back-and-relax good time. The laid back strumming; the familiar, friendly vocals; the *gently* urging lyrics - it all works together wonderfully to deliver the "slow down" message (and a fine dose of fun!).

katpiercemusic's picture

I have a feeling I'm going to be visiting your page a lot. I usually go the silly route, but I'm going to struggle with silly this year. Listen to makes me feel better. This song really feels like visiting a friend after a bad week. Lyrics scan nicely and the melody gets stuck in your head in just the right way.

helen's picture

Nicely done. This really does have an end-of-the-day, kick back and collapse on the sofa feel to it, while also feeling like a bit of a singalong. Having had a pretty stressy day, this entirely fits my mood.

coolparadiso's picture

Up to your high standards. Got my morning toe tapping going - might have that 5 minute doze now. excellent

kahlo2013's picture

Lovely inviting melody! I am not a napper but this makes naps sound deliciously wonderful!

mike skliar's picture

I love it! what a great 'opening song' for a project-- and as Loudon Wainwright once said, "no nap, I'm crap".
Great work and love the recording!

johnstaples's picture

Hey Wobbie, I enjoyed this fun little song quite a lot! And such good advice in there! You've told me lots of ways I could relax! And you did it in a lovely little melody that reminds me of something Sir Paul would record! A fun, whimsical, relaxing song! Nice start to 50/90!

Peter Arvidson's picture

I dig your voice Wobbie, the tone is very pleasant. This is a really clear and crisp production too. Love the lyrics and message.

ballyhoot's picture

I’m just now waking up from a nap , so you got me in your corner without even having to listen. But really enjoyed listening to this. Your vocal style is always so darn listenable , no matter the song, and it definitely works here, too. Love the simple guitar strumming and rhythm, and the lyrics are great.

tseaver's picture

Excellent fit of the arrangement to the message! I'm chilled out already.

ryuu's picture

This is a much needed reminder, thank you!

Klaus's picture

A very nice and gentle song. Somehow a bit quirky and charming in a very British way. It also offers totally the opposite mood of what people usually write for their first song so I like the idea that you're entering 50/90 from a relaxed feeling instead of anxiety. Smile

This is a peng starter.

JamKar's picture

Oh thank you I needed that! Cozy and friendly. I dare anyone to not feel better after this one. Great opener!

Dragondreams's picture

What a glorious way to open your account this year. I love it when you take this slightly more "serious" direction. The compassion is beautifully delivered. Smile