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Liner Notes: 

I wanted to write something about this flood we had here and so many places across the country. We had to leave for 10 days because the flood water
came too high and the gas and sewer had to be turned off. Quite the experience!


© 2019 Cindy Prince

Every day a few inches closer
The swollen river had to go somewhere
Praying it wouldn't get to the house
I didn't like this kind of fear

A hundred thousand sandbags filled
To hold back flood waters from our town
Then the mayor notified us
The mighty Missouri would not back down

Had to be out by 3 pm
Tears of fear filled my eyes
I looked outside and whispered damn

I packed a suitcase quickly
Thought of a Johnny Cash song
How high's the water Papa?
Everything about this felt so wrong

People always come together
Offered assistance and a place to stay
A local college opened its doors
So the fear began to slip away

Ten days in a college dorm
The river crested 3 feet shy
No water damage to the house
So grateful it all stayed dry

2nd Chorus
The flood was 2nd highest ranked
Tears of joy to be home
I looked outside and whispered thanks

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excellent storytelling. in sharing your story, you make it real for those who were not there,

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Cindy, this is a good folksy number.
As a documentary, the year/month and maybe the location & name of the storm/flood could be woven in.
Good job.

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Vivid images and strong story. You capture the flooding event and the impact it had iso well.

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So glad your house wasn't destroyed, and glad you got a song out of the ordeal too!