My Peacock Wings

My Peacock Wings

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Liner Notes: 

For anyone like me who been knocked down and feeling depressed right now or anytime.


I just will not be tamed
So just don't try to control me
When I'm down
My sprit need lifting

I was called a bird
I not going to be a caged bird
Just like a bird I could fly off away
I'll be the peacock bird

Just like the peacock I will spread my colourful feathered wings
Just like a peacock
The big blue peacock
With feet firmly on the floor with my head held high

I'm need to be free to go and do whatever I choose
Shine like the star and never let the star fall down
Spread my big peacock tail
Stand out and open my peocock wings

Just like the big beautiful peacock
I will be strong and hold my head up high
Be independent and step out on my own
I'll open my big blue peacock wings

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Wonderful strong images and insightful perspective. Well written!

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I like the imagery and it's especially cool because you don't mess with peacocks. Peacocks, swans and Canadian geese will mess you up. Way to go!