What's in the box?

What's in the box?

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Liner Notes: 

A 'be careful what you wish for' sort of song. Intended as possibly part of the next Scissors project, the theme of which might become more evident the more songs I write for it...
This is a very rough quick demo on voice and acoustic guitar, badly recorded in my office.


You've been dreaming for something
Kicking the heels of the lonely light
Shine in the dark for wanting
Waifs and stray are abound tonight

You've been living a lifeline
A frayed end for a searching soul
Holding tight to destruction
Certain doom is about to call

What's in the box? x4

Now it's open for good (bad)
Choice is made now it's up to you
Can't keep your distance, oh no
Here's your reward, it's coming true

What's in the box? x4
What's in the box? x4

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Nice rhythmic and lyrical flow, fun energy right from the start. Honest lyrics. Enjoyed the listen!

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Cool! Movie marathon album for the Scissors?

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Very propulsive and full of energy, and the "What's in the box" in a nice lyrical hook. Terrific start!

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Thanks! I think full-band it'll be a full-on garage stomper - nice that you picked that up from the (very) demo!

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Great chord modulation, melody, -- well done. Seeing the above comment, -- love the stripped down version, anyway.

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But wait, what IS in the box? You can't leave me hanging like that...
I'm guessing it's kittens. It's gotta be kittens, right?

Catchy hook, and a great start!

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Am I wrong that I keep answering “Gwyneth Paltrow’s head”?

Great energy in this song. Great tone to your vocals. Can totally hear this as a hard stomping garage rocker.