Running Circles

Running Circles

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Liner Notes: 

greetings friends. feel free to put music to this... or maybe i'll get to it; we'll see.



(im running) circles inside of my
head, but i never know
why, no i couldn't quite

(im running) circles inside of my
house, am i really o-
k, maybe not to-

verse 1:

maybe i could give a
try slowing down my
own two feet

maybe i could give a
try sitting down and
breathing deep

[repeat chorus]

verse 2:

certainly you have mis-
placed my request, but
that's alright

only if i could've
found it inside; have
a good night

[instrumental bridge; change key signature if you can]

[repeat chorus]

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The lyrics give a real sense of movement; the words are slightly dizzy and teetering. The ending was a pleasant surprise. The stage directions are intriguing.