Back in Meh

Back in Meh

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Liner Notes: 

Welp. At least it's groovy?


Yeah yeah
Back in meh
Yeah yeah
Back in meh
Yeah yeah
Back in meh
Yeah yeah
Back in meh

( I ad-libbed this part :_( )

Get your turtle on

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I've never been so excited about meh in my life. It's interesting; people normally say that word in such a staccato way, but the soaring delivery here makes it seem like some kind of sacred old Babylonian city. Which may or may not have something to do with turtles.

The first 45 seconds were super exciting, I must say. I felt like I was at an arcade in the 80s, waiting for my bro to fork over a coin so I could start playing some exciting game that involved quite a lot of blowing things up.

Good start!

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Heck yeah, it's groovy! Not sure what getting your turtle-on is all about, but I don't care! It all just grooves!

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I'm gettin' my turtle ON. Great beat and energy to this track!

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Great drive and energy in the music! Love the emotive vocals too! What a great way to rock the meh. No meh for me now!

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Such awesome, fist-pumping synthiness! The pounding music and impassioned vocals are anything but "meh." Terrifically energizing, and terrifically inspiring - I definitely feel compelled to break out my synths and try to do something that I can only hope will be fractionally as cool! Biggrin

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Yes, this is funny and inspiring. Sounds really cool and very well done, precise production and yet has a nice loose feel to it. Love the vocals on the turtle-on part. Great start, Cam!

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What a great song all around! Upbeat and anything but "meh" - Love it!

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That is some serious, driving synth. When the beat is this cool I don't think, I just act - my turtle is ON.

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Where do I start...
Opening synths got me; instantly watchlisted.
This is everything I love - all the sound choices you made to make up the track, the structure of the chords and the rhythm, lovely drum programming, and you have the vocal style that I've been seeking to hear for some time now.
This is flat-out perfect in my opinion.
It has all the qualities of that synthpop goodness right down to the mixing and fx.