That Game

That Game

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When we first met
It was like a dream
Until I learned
You're not what you seem

You wanted my body
Without my soul
You wanted a piece
And rejected the whole

But I don't have time
To play that game
And I'm looking for someone
Who feel the same.

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Ugh. Been there done that. Very relatable and solidly concise!

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That second verse sums up that type of feeling used relationship so well. Nice clear and concise.

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That second verse, damn. That's the sort of verse that gets sampled and plastered over a thousand tracks in a thousand genres. Concise, wise, and cutting.

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Yeah, I have to agree, too - that second verse packs a serious punch!

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Hi, I always like the direct and uncomplex form of your lyrics/poems. Would you mind if I put some music to this?