Gates of Heck

Gates of Heck

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Liner Notes: 

I wanted to do something today now that the site is open. I didn't want to just do nothing.

So i had some sounds of security gates clanging shut from the neighborhood I work in. And I had an accordion part from Nancy Rost for a totally different, unconnected song. And trains.

So I warped all those sounds beyond recognition. And this is what I came up with.


Uh, no.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Nice. I like the way it all blends together for a foreboding feel.

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Love the industrial factory like feel with the drums, the rhythmic drive, and the interplay of diverse synthesizer sounds. I like the contrast between the higher pitched whistling launch sound with the more gritty explosive sounds. There’s a feeling of motion, power and heat that is really effective.

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Not only is this a piece of art, you've managed to upcycle noise pollution! Clever and sustainable.

It's more cohesive than it has any right to be, and the high-pitched whistle is a chilling refrain. Overall, very ominous, but in a way that stays grounded in the unpleasance of the real world. Stuck somewhere between purgatory and hell - the gates of Heck.

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The inhuman sounds of our world - not beyond recognition, just at the edge of it. Commuter hell is what it evokes for me. Driving rhythm had me nodding along.

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Very industrial and can hear this is the background of a movie or tv show. It came together quite nicely!! Great way to start of the 50/90 season! Lyrics would ruin this piece. I need to go medidate now to get the commotion to stop lol As the last commenter just stated, "it's real life." Truth. Well done!!

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Nice ... sometimes starting with nothing is good! This has a great moody feel, and the panning of the sounds makes it kind of psychedelic. Perfect headphones piece!

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Nice ... sometimes starting with nothing is good! This has a great moody feel, and the panning of the sounds makes it kind of psychedelic. Perfect headphones piece!

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From the description, I did not expect this to be so hypnotic and relaxing. I can see why metalfoot said foreboding, but for me it feels more like a meditation and all the noises from the outside are just that bit blurred and softened with the main lull being the focus.

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Dude, this is wonderful!!
Lovely sounds here; from the tags I was expecting aggression, but this is really listenable and pleasant.
Great headphone mix here for sure.
Wow, so nice!!

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Hearing this reminds me of being lost in the factory/industrial section of Indy just outside of the sunny downtown. It happened so m any times my first year there; the relaxed "i'll find my way out" section, then the mounting panic as I kept driving in circles.

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This is giving me flashbacks of a downtown warehouse avant garde art opening. It would make an excellent soundtrack for a disoriented party-scene. Quite good!

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Super cool! Really engaging. It takes you somewhere frightening, but familiar.

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Atmospheric to the nth degree. I like the sound manipulation. I like the squeak of the gates.

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You’ve brought in the emotion of unease. Maybe I shouldn’t have listened so close to bed. Well done!

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Wow. This is cinematic. It would not be out of place in an episode of The Expanse.
This is a great start. Happy 5090.

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It's like music to my ears. If I didn't know the way this was made I could swear that I'm hearing melodies in this. That high whining sound that goes down is mesmerizing. Very well done. Oida, this is bonza!:)

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Mate, it sounds like music for machines, to keep them harmonious and reliable in the factory.
And then an automated hydraulic hole puncher from Tenessee swivelled his hip bearings to a primitive rhythm and the machines went wild and delinquent.

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Nicely creative mood piece. Strangely addictive to my ears!

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This makes me want to watch a John Carpenter movie. Very cool vibes throughout.

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Oh, I love this! Really nice atmosphere, and a solid mix! Great job!

Is the kick/snare/crash also from the noises?