Keep On Making Music

Keep On Making Music

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Liner Notes: 

I will write as I can this year. Having back problems again and will soon get another shot in my spine. Not completely happy with this, but wanted to put something out there.


Keep On Making Music
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Seemed he'd always played the tuba
Or until he was big enough to carry it
He wasn't as popular as some

She was learning ukulele
Tho at times she was wary of it
Trying to learn pick it and strum

Don't matter if you're good
Just enjoy what you do
Keep on making music
Try and learn a song or two
Pick up a drumstick
Learn to play guitar
Keep on making music
You'll shine just like a star

He was playing his banjo
When lightning lit up the sky
He was pickin' to the end

She was playing cowbell
Though she was a little shy
It was a way for her to blend

Repeat chorus

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i really like that. the concept of course is what i preach and its very neatly put together - great use of words to make it sound simple.

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this would make a terrific jam song with all kinds of wild riffing

Stephen Wordsmith's picture

What a cute little character study. Quirky characters delivering a message we all need to hear. So colourful.

kahlo2013's picture

Great upbeat message song and I love the image of the tuba and uke followed by the banjo and cowbell. Sweet and clever!

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Ha & Ha!
He was playing his banjo
When lightning lit up the sky
He was pickin' to the end

That must have been a long neck banjo.

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I have a melody and some chords in mind, I might try to match them to the ideas posted above. Smile

§ Roel

Klaus's picture

Sweet and compassionate song with lifelike characters. It's funny how an instrument you choose to play or are given, can have so much influence on your whole social life. Cowbell-good, tuba-not so much. Smile