Why Should I?

Why Should I?

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Liner Notes: 

This is pretty much a dub around song. My brain wants to veg tonight, but when I saw the first songs of 50/90 submitted, I thought, "I want to do something". It's pretty short, pretty simple--not a ton of brain power invested in this, but I've decided I'm not going to post my favorites on 50/90 this year. Those will get refined with time and presented later when a complete song elsewhere.


Why should I?
Lyrics by Kc Chad © 2019

Do I have fans a-waiting
Someone anticipating
The next great line?

Will I make a thousand?
Will I be drowning
In a life sublime?

Why should I?

Will this give me purpose?
Make the truth to surface?
Expose those lies?

Why should I?

If there’s any reason why
Or effect in my life that brings me to write
It’s to help another think, laugh, love, or cry
To be the one who identifies with the emotions they've stuffed inside
Sing the words that their own speech won’t bring to light
Help the heart release it’s pain in time, in time.

Somehow it satisfies,
Fills my creative mind
So when I ask me why

Why should I?

I remind myself,
That is why. That is why.
That’s the reason why..

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Why should I? indeed.

I really like the structure to this a lot-- there's a lot of power in the stanzas and that expansive bridge is just overflowing with drive and passion to be that help to another. Really great. Smile

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Like the adventurous rhymes like thousand/drowning and purpose/surface - they add a unique touch to a familiar theme. 'Drowning in a life sublime' is a decadently pleasant image.

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Great answer to the question “Why should I?” There are so many different reasons people may have and I love how you reduce it to the basics of human emotional connections. Brilliant!

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Wow! for a Veggy-Brain... this is something else...
all the old time journalists had better back off,
we got a Songwriter here, to take your place.

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I can hear the 4th verse getting longer, higher, louder. Makes the point of the song's question. Good lyrics.

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Nothing wrong with short and simple. Really good lyric you got there Smile

and a nice lyric this is. The relation between artist and listener laid out as a question that is actually answered. Rare.

The answer part is great, good job.

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Yes, that is the reason why! Nice write, kc! Nice flow and rhyming. Can hear this as I'm reading it. Well done! Smile

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First, the title pulled me in! Reading the lyrics now...pretty good start...why should I is catchy. Think, laugh, love, or cry...that's good. Emotions...that's a good word and bring mine out too. Release it's pain in time, time...very nice. Ah, I remind myself, that's why. Works for me...nice job on this!

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this is a feeling I can totally relate. The why we write is mostly for others.