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Technicolor Gramophone Records: Shauna

Liner Notes: 

Shauna hosts an open mic every Tuesday. She normally allows three songs. This incident is fresh - occurred last night!


I didn’t wanna
have to write this song
but you cut me off
after two
you didn’t tell me beforehand
I really liked that third song

Though to be honest
I really hadn’t practiced it enough
to do it
in public
still, it’s
one of my favorites

This one isn’t
but I’m gonna play it
a lot
for obvious

You’ll notice this song
is too long
but when I only get two songs
I’ve gotta make each song long

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coolparadiso's picture

you tell her. Thats the way to get even. Love the nylon string sound. good to hear you again

billwhite51's picture

perfect kick off song. i cut my teeth on three song open mikes, and sometimes when t got crowded we got cut off after two, and the third one was always the best. those open mikes were what kept me writing three songs every week for several years, because those guys who wrote one perfect song and played it every week year after year were a constant reminder of what laziness can do to a person. so good t hear your music again after these last months.

Kingwood Kowboy's picture

Darn, and I thought this was the 3rd song, which now I'll never hear. Bummer.

standup's picture

Love the back story here. Look out, Shauna, there's a 48-minute opus waiting in the wings!

I didn't wanna write this song... but you made me do it.

metalfoot's picture

Great art comes out of frustration and disappointment so often... and I do like what you've done here!

Stephen Wordsmith's picture

I read the lyrics before the liner notes, and it came across like a mildly tortured artist telling off his muse. I suppose real life writes the analogy, sometimes. I enjoyed it.

Frances Smith's picture

Another open mic song! Lyrics play beautifully with the way we all engage in self justification, the offended open mic attendee is quite some narrator voice. Guitar and vocals sound great.

auldy's picture

that nylon sounds so nice and warm. Looking forward to hearing the 3rd song :P

kahlo2013's picture

Such beautiful music and lovely vocals for a strong ‘you screwed up’ message. Great song sparked by an incident.

OdilonGreen's picture

I feel your pain! A swell ode to artistic frustration and how cruel and cold the world can be to artists. But keep your chin up and your dreams alive - we all need more terrific, swirling, moody, gently raging songs like this one in our lives.

Silver Machine's picture

Love the way the guitar is saying " Shauna it's cool ok, no problem", but the vocal is suggesting 'Bitch I'm gonna run you over in the car park'.
Always enjoy your blend of indignation and humour.

Ferry Colyer's picture

Ready for a listen, finally, had read the lyrics ealier today (painful yet relatable). That guitar sounds really sweet in a thick way. Cool treatment of the vocals, fits the theme in a nice way. Great start!

JamKar's picture

I like how "beforehand" joins hands with "and". Creative song, that is authentic to your life. TG vocals sounding even better here.

Could'a said, this is still the second song Smile ... just a long break, part of it Wink ... "anyway"... -- good stuff, like it, original, good sound/feel.
- Hmmm, "nylon" ... I have not touched nylon/gut in like forever; may not sound good under a flatpickers hand (me). I think I was 12yo last time I held ond, and was playing beet-oven Smile 'cause mom liked that stuff.

Anyway, great sound/feel.

tamsnumber4's picture

I will be co-hosting my first open mic this week and you are making me nervous, I'll have to look out for the tortured songwriter who might write me into a sorrowful symphony. I think it was a great inspiration for a song, I like the lonely and emotional guitar, great to hear you again.

Klaus's picture

Very good sound in that acoustic and bona fide meditative English folk picking right off the bat. Bonza story and although it clearly is just about the incident in the open mic night somebody could say it's a love song. The third one being the one that got away etc. Smile

splittybooms's picture

Going through my watchlist from last year.
So the title caught my eye, as I think its a beautiful name.
Then I read your liner and almost blurted out a laugh. I LOVE the inspiration behind this write. That's friggin awesome.
I don't know squat about guitars, but I can say that yours sounds so warm and well...pretty, I guess lol
That being played under the very specifically purposed lyrics, being sung with such emotion...I love it.

The guitar is so nice, but once more you do whatever tone you want with the lyrics. It's very bitter, and I like the short bursts. Great track!