My Head Is Out

My Head Is Out

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Liner Notes: 

my head is out.....before i was fully awake, this phrase fell out of my mouth. i picked up my guitar and spent the next hours looking for its meaning.


My Head is Out Like a snail No goin back
My Head is Out Like a snail No goin back
Gotta stop that girl from burning down my shack

You can move a mountain
But you cant move the sky
I tried to buy an egg
But the price was too high
Caterpillar pickin
With his head on fire
There is too much sauce
In this womens choir
She never listened
To a thing I said
Tried to get it right
But my phone is dead

Repeat chorus

Gettin high iin the sty
Pigs are squealin
Girls in the line
Rockin and reelin
20 billion peole on twitter today
Nothin better to do
Than havin their say
I aint the bossman
Stop looking look at me
Im closin the gates
At quarter to three

Repeat chorus

Im getting close to the shack
I can tell by the smelll
The skys gtting black\
Its hotter than hell
Girl on fire
Fell off the porch
Thats what she gets
For droppin the torch
Im gettin close
Now Im standin in the flames
My head is out ike a snail
And Im takin aim

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Well what a great lift off. Really catchy and a nice concept. One straight up for the saved list.

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Tried to get it right//But my phone is dead
She never listened//To a thing I said

The dig at twitter was great too. Heaps catchy, Dylan-esque and witty. Great way to start Bill.

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Lines that leap and crackle like the flames of a fire, and always keep you guessing as to what they're going to catch on to next. Dig the punch and the energy.

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Classic storytelling bluesy rock here. Lots of energy. Enjoyable!

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What a great start! Good song to get the ball rolling

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Great start, Bill. Love where the phrase "my head is out" leads to, lots of energy, sounds good, love the narrator voice.

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Fantastic energy and wonderful sound! Really catchy chorus. Has a wonderful upbeat rockabilly feel but the verses dive much deeper into a more complex story. Brilliantly effective!

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Love the raw bluesy tone. Intriguing lyrics, too. I like the central imagery of having your head out like a snail. Enjoyed the listen! Thanks for sharing!

Yes, saw it yesterday! (song a day) Smile another good one!

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great energy to burst out of the traps with. i like the contrast of the image of a snail and the fast paced train like rhythm.

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Great descriptions in this! I like the energy and pacing. And I like how he's exposed and at risk, yet the very last line: My head is out like a snail and I'm takin' aim. Taking the power back. Good delivery too!

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I love that oldies rock feel to this one. Fun guitar, too.

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Blues in a higher gear is really pleasing my ears this start of 50/90!

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Yeah, the snake is out of the water and into the flames. Got me into thinking that postmodernism and rock'n'roll somehow developed from each other's backs - might be wrong there but it doesn't make the song less colorful and tasty Lol

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Great title and nice raw groove ... gritty vocals are great, as always, and I love the bizarre lyrics. "Caterpillar picking" and snail heads and burning shacks ... what could be better?

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Great title and nice raw groove ... gritty vocals are great, as always, and I love the bizarre lyrics. "Caterpillar picking" and snail heads and burning shacks ... what could be better?

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Great title and nice raw groove ... gritty vocals are great, as always, and I love the bizarre lyrics. "Caterpillar picking" and snail heads and burning shacks ... what could be better?

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Brilliant bluesy catchy full of energy and instantly likable song. Superb singing and playing. What a fantastic start Bill!

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Nice catchy tune. Lyrics flowed well. Told a good story. Nice rock and roll bluesy tune. Good start to 2019.

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Elvis came to my mind and that is a big complement i love the bloke and this is a very good song well done Bill look forward to hearing more.

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This is a great story being told in a perfectly rebellious blues fashion. Great start and one i'll be back to listen to more!

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Well crafted lyrics Bill. Bluesy rhythm that nods to Elvis and Dylan. This one will require repeat listens.

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Nice rhythm and blues sound. I like the lyrics and just like many blues lyrics it had me wondering, is this dirty subtext? Or is it my own lack of maturity?

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as always, great storytelling, I love the similie in the chorus, interesting comparison, good stuff man

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Love the blues groove, great storytelling lyrics. Good song!

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This is probably what Elvis on acid would've sounded if he actually had been a serious songwriter. I like how the lyrics mix fifties rock'n'roll, biblical-sounding lines ( You can move a mountain/ But you can't move the sky) and recent topics like Twitter and on top of that there are some really surreal images like the "snail". It's a wonderful mix ( emphasis on "wonder" ) and it works really well.

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Oh my the lyrics are great! Got me singing "gotta stop that girl from burning down my shack"!

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Because of the length of 50/90 (but it happens in FAWM too) the further we get into the challenge, those first songs don't get noticed anymore. Glad I went back to this one.
One of my faves of yours. I love songs that I can imagine hearing in a performance, in a coffeehouse or tavern. Smart, in-the-moment, timeless rockabilly.

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Looking at the chorus is outstanding. V1 is a crack up with the dead phone line to finish it off. v2 is very strong too and had to laugh when I read the pigs are a squealing line. Also, you nailed it on the twitter jazz. This group is all the social media I can handle and I'd much rather talk about songs than anything else. I have one friend who drops political bombs all the time but I just tell her "I don't do politics anymore". The last man...getting close to the shack, I can tell by the smell. Yes, that last section is loaded with good rhymes and story...especially getting back to the head of the snail. Nice job on the lyrics Bill. I'm glad I finally clicked on this one. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Jamming guitar...vocals now...sounds good...can clearly understand the lyrics...but my phone went dead...she never listens to a thing I said...nice shuffle guitar...vocals and lyrics driving this tune. A full band on this would sound even better I think. My head is out like a snail no goin' back. Nice dynamics on the guitar playing with vocals. I can tell you've been doing this for a long time because you make sure your guitar doesn't drown out your vocals. Yeah Bill, another really good song. I don't know how you do it. Just talent I think. I give up trying to figure out how people do it. It's simply talent. Some people are really good at lyrics and other good at music. Some people are good at both. I think you have both. Well done and worthy of the 33rd comment on this song.