First Taste of Love

First Taste of Love

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Liner Notes: 

Roel says: Wow, Cindy, really. I never tried disco pop before. That was a hell of a challenge! I don't even know whether it's your definition of disco pop. Anyway, I hope the atmosphere matches the feeling you had when writing the lyrics. Smile Thanks for another fine collaboration!


First Taste of Love
© 2018 Cindy Prince

You were my first dance
We were both sixteen
Disco ball at the gym
The prettiest eyes I'd ever seen

You were my first kiss
I was lost in those eyes
A jolt went through me
As our warm bodies harmonized

My fist taste of love
Whirling...whirling my head spinning
You were my first girl to love
That was the beginning
Of our wild love

I tried to show off a bit
Twirled you round and round
What is this ecstacy
That makes my heart pound?

You were my first date
But there would be many more
Because I fell in love
That night on the dance floor

Repeat chorus

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Sorry, just now saw this. I love it! It does have just right feel to it. Great job!