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I tried to impress you
there was no response
and my heart ran faster for you
to move you from the start

I kissed some girls they were
there to relieve the pain
in the same situation as me
didn’t wanna know my name


I went to the mountain to find the wise man
I only heard about him, maybe he’d understand
but I found noone, just a mirror behind some rocks
so I schrugged and walked back again and thought, what the f * * *

I got a degree and a job where I made more than I could use
bought a house boat and a Tesla, just to impress you
cuz I know you’re in to that alternative future stuff
and I’m just an old fashioned schuvanist, you know, I can’t get enough


So now I’m right here in this extreme wealth
wonder where you are, you know what, you can go to hell
I think I did everything to draw your attention to me
bought half the city, just a twist in my sobriety

and now that I find that I’m too old to find love likes your’s
maybe you don’t have it, so I might try to find a cure
alcohol never hurt no body, its the one who uses it who hurts
Im gonna be a wife beater cowboy boots smoking and drinking convert

and it’s all your fault…

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This is wonderful. I like the quietness. It pulls you in. It's a nice juxtaposition to the very hard, angry, dark sentiment.