Icing on the cake

Icing on the cake

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Liner Notes: 

Last song of 5090, sort of spontaneous end-of-the-day thing. I was actually going to play instruments on this but there was a cat in my lap so I just sang them!


It’s the bittersweet flavor of chocolate
It’s the melting of words on your tongue
It’s the fullness of having been emptied
It’s the night that is no longer young

But it seems too soon to be leaving
Time to make one more harmless mistake
Throw one more log on the fire
One more layer of icing on the cake

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aw nice end song.. some nice images. i like the melting of words on your tongue. and the body percussion is great.

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I agree this is a nice end song. Good lyrics and lovely singing.

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This is really so delicious and delightful! Loving all the layers of sound you created! Marvelous ending song as the words like icing flow so smoothly.

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one more layer of icing indeed! what a great, fun and creative way to do an 'ending of 5090 song'! fantastic- love the shoob-be-doo-op stuff and the lyric is fantastic!

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Fun! All the vocal parts sound great together. And the hand percussion fits the song. Sounds like friends hanging out making music. With cats on their laps! A perfect goodbye for now song.