No Matter

No Matter

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Liner Notes: 

This is most likely my last gasp for 50/90.

Some vague synth sounds generated with modular synth, layered, edited, chopped, reverbed, delayed and so forth.

A vocal that I free-associated in an hour or so that probably doesn't mean much. With some help from the predictive text tool.

And a vague melody from a synth plug-in.


October warm and perilous
the cold dreams are coming
the names
the chords
the streets
we can't afford
no matter how
we're numbing


no matter how we try
we cannot escape
trapped in our time
bound to our mistakes

the promise of spring
and other false witness
every year
we wait
our lives
to reinstate
heavy weather
dark and ominous

the fall comes
we're not prepared
no matter how we stall
october waits
every year
dreams feeding
the shape
of nature's law

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ooh dreamy and trippy, very atmospheric indeed. i love the way the chorus melody emerges , love the headspace this creates

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That is no last gasp! This really has depth and an almost haunting feel as the music bends and swirls in some dark and thought provoking layers of sound. The interplay is rich and deep. Love the lyrics as well.

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The words are easy to project meanings onto, at least for me. The music feels like a cross between a poetry reading and the soundtrack to a science-fiction epic. I like the tension between the chords and melody in the chorus, that irresolution.

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Ooh, the music of our future robot overlords!!
Really retro Sci-Fi sounding.
I like the distant vocals, as if you are trying in vain to inject some humanity in to the electronic mayhem.
Yeah, this is a truly excellent track for sure!!
Long live experimental music!!