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Liner Notes: 

Last day of 5090 and work was crazy busy today - my mind is a bit happily fried so I dug out the dulcimer from the back of the closet, dusted it off, started strumming, and played a quick mindless one take to get some energy back for the evening.


Not yet - maybe later

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That is a really cool, zingy sound - punk dulcimer! Sounds like you're having fun and letting loose.

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Yes! I love that rhythm! And I love that you remember to reach for an instrument to destress and re-energize. Thanks for sharing this awesome reminder. It moves me too.

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Wow, that's a lively sound. I swear I was going to use "zingy" but Chip beat me to it. It drives along nicely, good energy here. I used to have one of those a long time ago, built from a kit, but it is long, long gone.

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love the energy of this, zips along nicely and i love the modal/folky melody. great stuff Smile

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Gosh I sure love the sound of a mountain dulcimer.
I have one but rarely use it as I find it really hard to mic effectively.
A wonderful and lively tune here.
Almost makes me want to dance...