October All Over

October All Over

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Technicolor Gramophone Records: October All Over

Liner Notes: 

My favorite kind of song to write: acoustic surrealadelica.


Red and gold
Green and yellow
That’s October
All over

He’s got 11 siblings
But he’s the coolest
December’s too cold
August too hot
But October is just right

It’s a scarecrow yelling “Get off my lawn”
A sleepless candy corn
Waiting for dawn
A shorter day
That wishes it could stay

It’s a rake
Of autumn leaves
A dead leaf
That refused to leave the tree
It said, “For me,
This is the place to be”

It's a mask that doesn't know its place
And takes over a face
A full moon on a diet
So it can be a crescent
A homesick star
That says “I’m too far

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cindyrella's picture

Can I just say this song is so October? Smile Such great lines and feel to this!

colgoo's picture

These lyrics are fantastic! I like the tender guitar treatment here. Nice work.

Ferry Colyer's picture

Gentle hommage to October with all its speaking colors! Very nice indeed!

pfoo's picture

I agree about October. Fall is awesome. I like the scarecrow line. It is harvest time. And the candy corn Halloween reference. I like the acoustic guitar - sounds great.

rwc's picture

Really nice song. I really like the guitar. The lyrics are really good - the shorter day, the rake afraid of the leaves, the dead leaf that refused to leave the tree.

Kristi's picture

I really like how you personified all the elements of October...."a shorter day that wishes it could stay longer" and "a homesick star that says I'm too far away" are so wonderfully descriptive. The lyrics really capture the feelings behind all that we see. The gentle melody and soft vocal delivers it nicely. Good work here.