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Liner Notes: 

Mike- So I was in the chatroom talking to TC Elliott, who has something like 100+ songs here from this 50/90, and mentioned 'you have any lyric scraps you're not using'? He mentioned this lyric he had posted earlier in the month called 'insomnia' and said, "feel free to cut it, smash it, change it, mold it or ignore most of it"
So i did just that, kind of adapted it.... and this tune was written
quick iPhone recording on a nylon string guitar, live vocal and guitar...


Battle with the blanket, struggle with the sheets
the ticking of the clock is like a distant drum beat
if i can't fall asleep, how can i face tomorrow?

My mind keeps racing my legs are like lead
picturing tomorrow with that feeling of dread
if I can't fall asleep, how can I face tomorrow?

And just as I transition to Morpheus' lair
I need to use the bathroom life just ain't fair
if I can't fall asleep, how can i face tomorrow?

lying on my right side, shoulder gets sore
other side i'm stuffed up, i wake up from my own snore.... (ad lib)

Is it two or three am, does it matter should i care?
should i wake up and check the internet, there's always somebody there
if i can't fall asleep how can i face tomorrow?

i finally got to sleep about the time when you awake
can we stop time now out on that cosmic emergency brake?
if i can't fall asleep how can i face tomorrow

ps (from mike) and just after posting this, thought of another verse.. (maybe one day I'll re-record)

"my mind is dancing backwards, making me a fool
thinking of some mistake I made in junior high school
if i can't fall asleep, how can i face tomorrow"

lyric- TC Elliott and Mike Skliar
music & performance- Mike Skliar

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Hey this turned out to be a wonderful song and is one i can totally relate to! The descriptions are fantastic and the music delivers them perfectly! Fun to see a song created by both of you and fun to imagine what you might have been chatting about and hoping it wasn't politics Smile

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You did a great job with TC's words. Fun song and delivery. Happy end of 50/90 dudes!

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Lovely amusement...foot's tapping, lips smiling...universal angst....don't we all do this some nights? Love it...

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yep... can relate to that one, i like how the rhythm of the words is reminiscent of that chugging thoughts / rambling headspace of insomnia. nice collab