Goddess of fire

Goddess of fire

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An Eruption so sudden
Deafening to hear
Injuring the silence
With bleak atmosphere.

Dark clouds up above
Bright lava crawls below
Queen Pele has awoken
And her anger starts to show.

The earth opens to
A rupture in the midst
Of everything once known
As Paradise and bliss.

The Power of her fire
As the flames crack and burst
Reflect the passion in her eyes
While she casts her jealous curse.

Destruction in her wake
But you must understand
Volcanoes fierce and violent
Are the makers of this land.

Pele in her wisdom
Purifies the ground
Pouring cleansing rock and magma
Into the sea all around.

The other gods bow to her
And the hula dancers too
When her wrath is cool and calmed down
The world has been renewed.

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This would make for a great rock song. I love the thundering power of the chorus (which I think is the power of her fire part?). Anyways, strong words and strong collab. Happy end of 50/90!