Moonstone Sunset

Moonstone Sunset

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Liner Notes: 

This is diggin' down close to my roots. Hot sun on a So Cal beach in the 60's. I played this guitar in my high school surf band The Fabulous Esquires.

Guitars:'64 Fender Jaguar
Amp:'67 Fender Dual Showman
Fender re-issue Reverb Unit



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Beach blanket surfing. Yeah! reminds me of California in the 60s, you definitely got the feeling. Good song.

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The guitars on this are killin it! A lot of fun to listen to. Calls early 60's cali to mind for sure. Now I want to go surfin.....

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The sound is spot on! Nice to hear this original guitar

Wow, vintage Jaguar and Showman, -- nice. Anyway..., well done, authentic! Music 2

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Great guitar! Love the intro on the acoustic, and then picking it up with the surf rock and the synth.

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I was born in '70 but grew up listening to a lot of 60's stuff, like Beatles and Elvis. However, The Ventures were a huge presence on my childhood playlists, and my siblings and I used to air-jam to their Telstar album, with my brother and sister "playing" guitar on tennis rackets while I stacked up throw pillow to jam the organ parts. Anyway... All of that to say that I'm a big fan of surf rock instrumentals. Love this tune you put together.