Outpost Kentucky

Outpost Kentucky

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I my banjo wasn't in so many pieces I could have used it here. I could write a lot more verses 'cause this doesn't scratch the surface of my, not unexpected, culture shock.

Guitars: Guild D-25
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record


Outpost Kentucky

I was California born in
Woke up Seattle mornin's
Spent all my life on the left coast
Then I got lucky
Discovered Kentucky
And now I am here in my outpost

Where the grass is blue
And the bourbon is golden
And turkeys run wild in the yard
Now I can vote for winners
Eat barbecued dinners
And life just don't seem very hard

In the middle of nowhere
Every place has a town square
And churches all made out of bricks
The air has a sweet scent
Might be losin' my accent
I've learned to watch out for them ticks

With biscuits all cooked up in lard

[vs gtr]

I left it all behind me
I hope they don't find me
I'm down here to try something new
These folks like their fishin'
Hangin' out with musicians
What could be better to do.

Maybe I'll send you a postcard

©2018 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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I really LOVE this. Kentucky is such a beautiful state and many people don't know the beauty! I lived in Tennessee for a little while and my dad had a couple hundred acres on a horse farm in the hills or Tennessee for many years - thus I have spent time exploring Kentucky on various trips from Michigan to Tennessee over almost 20 years. And once had to give a talk at a judges convention in Lexington. Anyway, gorgeous state and I'm glad you found home there and wrote about it! Great music too!

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I know that transplant feeling - from Ohio almost all my life to Florida.
This is a great slice of down-home goodness. I love Kentucky, know most parts of the state a bit. Passionate, exuberant performance. Good guitar playing, too.