Well and truly screwed

Well and truly screwed

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Liner Notes: 

This angry little political song was written when I came across a wonderfully dissonant chord combination (E to B flat) and thought- this needs some angry words..

I originally recorded it on the iPhone, just playing an old resonator guitar and singing. then decided i'd import that file to my pro tools so I could add a harmonica track and give the harmonica track some distortion. Ended up re-recording over all that the guitar again, then the vocal again, and leaving the old recording there in the background to give some atmosphere.

Probably one of my more 'produced' songs this season- and i'd still like to add some sort of bass and drums if I can. (ah, if Hoops was only around to add drums and bass to this, he would have nailed it!)

Anyway, your mileage may vary, but this is the mood of alot of people I know, sometimes myself as well (not all the time but sometimes!)

update oct 6th- did a slight remix, adding drums...


We started very slowly going off the rails
The ordinary fail safes started to fail
We can’t pretend as history has lifted the veil
We are well and truly screwed

Was it an election that was too close to call
Or a partisan court was that the start of the fall
If I were the Devil I’d be having a ball
We are well and truly screwed

Watch that fire consuming
The goodwill that used to exist
Outstretched hand of freedom
Is being replaced by a fist

When political discourse is a poison atmosphere
And one of the parties only caters to fear
All the common ground starts to disappear
We are well and truly screwed

You watch the hearings of the toxic frat boy rapist
Its enough to make you turn it of and go all escapist
However crazy it’s gotten you have not heard the latest
We are well and truly screwed

© M. Skliar 2018

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Sweet. I like the passion and anger in the performance and lyrics. You express your opinion in the best way. Great harmonica sound throughout. Hook gets the point across. Nice work.

Fuzzy's picture

Love that harmonica.
Great chord progression, you are definitely right.
I miss Hoops. Sad
You know, as a Canadian, I can only look on in amazement.

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great sound, the way you did it really works for it. and yup with you on the lyrics, even from the UK with you on that... that progression certainly suits the situation.

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I'm really feeling the rapist/escapist rhyme. The distortion and chord progression really lend themselves to this bizarre and scary moment.

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I'm gonna get drunk and sing along. Love the way this drives along, and that harmonica is killer. The truly screwed line is one for the ages. I drive a carpool of liberal leaning middle schoolers. They definitely have a sense that they're screwed. I'm a middle aged white man of some means. I've been trying to set aside my anger and move into the defensive crouch of denial. But I'm really starting to feel that democracy itself is under siege, what with gerrymandering, voter suppression, an increasingly politicized court, etc. Okay, back to denial: I have money and healthcare and no need for an abortion...it's all good...my daughter can deal with global warming when I'm gone