Moon Through the Slash Pine Tree

Moon Through the Slash Pine Tree

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Liner Notes: 

Walking the dog the other morning well before dawn, I saw the harvest full moon through the branches of the old pine tree in our front yard. (A neighbor told me that many years ago our neighborhood was a slash pine forest.)
So I took a photo for Instagram (so 2018!) and wrote a 12-bar blues (so old-school!)


Ol’ slash pine tree standing guard
Talks to me, says don’t take life so hard

Gazing at the moon from under the slash pine tree
Makes me wonder what I be

Full moon shines and it lights my way
Through the the ol’ slash pine into one more day

Ol’ slash pine seen many a new day dawn
Since before I was here and after I’m gone

Gazing at the moon from under the slash pine
I just soak it in, don’t need to be a sign

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I love the imagery. You've set the scene very well and makes me want to sit out under the night sky this evening and see what I can see. And I think the blues progression works very well here no doubt due to your tasteful picking and good singing.

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Wonderfully slow contemplative blues feel that is perfect for the introspection of the lyric! The nature images are gorgeous and are a nice touchstone for stimulating thought. Beautiful song!