The Muddler

The Muddler

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Liner Notes: 

So I thought I was done with songs for the day, having finished up a big-production rock number that took a couple of days.

Then I was in the kitchen, and I noticed a kitchen tool. We have a muddler. Which we hardly ever use. But. I like that word. So I wrote a song about the muddler. You better watch out. The Muddler is comin'.

Gratuitous bridge.

Vocals, 3-string fretless cigar box guitar, and uke bass.


When I come around
things get bruised
I'm a blunt instrument
I don't get confused
I do my thing
I don't mean no harm
but you gonna get
you gonna get transformed

I'm a crusher
I'm a bruiser
I'm a juicer
I'm a remover
I'm a scuffler
I'm a ruffler
I'm the muddler
I'm the muddler

Your feelings
are gonna get crushed
just like
just like the rest of us
you lived your whole life
just being a grape
I'm gonna turn you
turn you into paste

I crush your herbs
I crush your fruit
I crush the ice
I make it soup

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Ha! I love the concise short powerful lines that puts the muddler into a whole new class of kitchen tools! The personification is brilliant and you get such amazing wonderful sounds from your cigar box guitar. Well done!!

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Great sound on the cigar box guitar. This is probably my all-time favorite song about a muddler.

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Dang, that's a cool ass sound. I just saw Samantha Fish Friday night and she had a cigar box electric slide guitar (I think four string, but I was a bit away from the stage) and she had a similar tone and kicked some serious ass. Just like this guitar bit does. I like the slow burn of the laid back groove. I'm glad you did this one. It's a cool one to listen to while wrapping my head around the end of 50/90.

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You make the kitchen sound like a scary place.
Really nice slow burn here.
Lovely production work with the distant guitar, etc.
Great slide work.

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So many fun aspects to the lyric: the muddler is a blunt instrument that means no harm but can't help it. Muddler doesn't get confused (muddled). "I'm a scuffler, I'm a ruffler" has a great sound to it. Talking to the grape.
That guitar sound is wonderful and I like the way the vocal takes some gritty turns to match it.